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Five reasons why your business needs to join the automation revolution

Five reasons why your business needs to join the automation revolution

The spot market has always been a challenging place. Supply chain disruptions, market fragmentation, and pricing uncertainty all contribute to a complex, fluctuating marketplace dominated by manual effort and time-consuming procurement processes.

Dive in to discover how to:

  • Increase productivity by 20% 

  • Achieve average match times of just one to two hours 

  • Reduce costs by 8-12% on average 

  • Improve relationships with carrier partners 

From Gut Feelings to Data-Driven Decision Making: How to Unlock New Value in Transportation Management 

From Gut Feelings to Data-Driven Decision Making: How to Unlock New Value in Transportation Management 

Find out how to: 

  • Use market intelligence to save time and money 
  • Turn accuracy into your real competitive advantage 
  • Get the most value from big data visualization tools and technologies  
  • Exploit freight audit as a source of actionable transportation data and intelligence 
  • Deepen the value of network-based transportation management platforms with automation 

Plus much more. 

Network Horizon Report 2022: 7 key discoveries from carriers

Network Horizon Report 2022: 7 key discoveries from carriers

  • Support your efforts to stress-test your current strategies with a deepened understanding of the entire logistics landscape based on market-leading logistics data and trusted insights 
  • Make progress towards stabilizing relationships with shippers based on new findings representing industry-wide sentiment, despite major pressure caused by supply chain shortages and energy prices 

Transportation Pulse Report 2023

Transportation Pulse Report 2023

Our Transportation Pulse Report 2023 – Welcome to the Platform Era offers valuable insights and advice that will help bridge the gap between shippers, carriers and logistics service providers, and their solutions.

Six major themes emerge:

  • Bridging the gap between transportation today and tomorrow
  • A shrinking labor force  
  • Sustainability when making supply chain decisions 
  • Greater customer expectations  
  • Greater collaboration  
  • A new platform era 

Powered by the Network

Powered by the Network

Matching freight demand with capacity is becoming increasingly challenging, especially in today’s volatile environment. Carriers are rejecting up to a quarter of all contract loads, forcing more Shippers into the spot market. The solution to this imbalance is an investment in network-based transport management systems. New technologies make automated freight-matching possible for both Shippers and Carriers at a whole new scale.

This original report includes survey responses from industry insiders and expert analysis from Adrian Gonzalez, President of Adelante SCM. 


Market Update: One Platform for All Modes 

Transporeon’s single platform provides an unmatched, mode-by-mode picture of the transportation sector. Our unique ‘Market Update’ webinars, backed up by simple graphs and visuals, make essential viewing and reading for shippers, carriers and industry stakeholders.


Sea Level: the ocean blog

Every month we provide you with critical updates on Global Ocean Freight, sourced from our own Market Intelligence solution, including expert analysis from our freight specialists.


Freight sourcing automation and smart assignment powered by AI

One new opportunity is AI-powered sourcing automation, or autonomous procurement.

“There’s a reciprocal relationship between big data and AI,” explains Ken Casey in an October 2019 article in The Enterprisers Project. “The latter depends heavily on the former for success, while also helping organizations unlock the potential in their data stores in ways that were previously cumbersome or impossible.”


Artificial intelligence applied to transportation

A dominant theme of the coming two decades is the arrival of artificial intelligence (AI) into the workplace, including in the data intensive area of logistics. Unlike earlier trends that were enabling staff to do more, AI has the potential and the complexity that it raises two major questions for logistics leaders: Where will we find the talent to deploy AI, and to what degree will AI’s ability to handle activities that we pay workers to do revise our ideal workforce? The rest of the article provides one avenue to assessing where to place AI within a logistics operation, using procurement as an example, and how to estimate the change in roles it offers to the staff around it.


Data Driven Decision Making: Autonomous Procurement with Nestle

Learn how and why it’s time to build the business case for Autonomous Procurement with insights to help you weigh up the benefits of choosing AI-powered transportation technology. Powered by original survey data, find out what carriers and shippers think about the transportation process — and what’s going to happen in the future.


AB InBev Brews Up Spot Freight Savings with Transporeon Autonomous Procurement

ABInBev chose to rewrite its own history when faced with new levels of volatility resulting from the global pandemic. After a 45 day pilot proved double-digit savings were possible on spot buying, the multinational drink and brewing company was more than ready to embrace a change. Now, Anheuser-Busch is one of the best spot buyers in the freight market.

Anheuser-Busch (AB InBev)
Largest spot buyer in the world swaps best-in-class proprietary process for Transporeon Autonomous Procurement.
of millions of financial impact.
Double digit
savings in a highly volatile freight market.
reduction in FTE requirement.
direct reduction on spot rates.

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