Forward to the future: Freight Spend Insights

Data opens doors. It delivers transparency and empowers us to make effective decisions more easily. But when data becomes synonymous with complexity and uncertainty, it fails to serve its function, instead alienating users and overburdening work processes. 

Within freight audit data, getting the most out of the data at hand is a goal for many stakeholders, from finance to procurement. So how can these different departments all pull from the same source of truth without wasting effort on management and analysis? 

Our latest eBook offers practical guidance for upgrading your data handling with user-friendly technology designed to help your organization improve its decision-making capabilities.

What’s inside

This eBook offers an inside look at the current state of data management in supply chain management — and how you can use new technology to harness the power of big data in strategic decision-making.

  • The evolving role of data in supply chain management
  • The limitations of early technology and legacy systems
  • The benefits of an interactive, personalizable data dashboard for different teams
  • How to tell a story with data

Embracing next-generation technology

Freight Spend Insights is fully interactive and built on bringing the concept of personalized dashboards to life. Highly visual and easy-to-interpret data leads to great savings, by making it simple to eliminate overcharges and reduce internal workload.

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Unlock your future with smarter decision-making

Stand out in the market. Get recognized in the business. Our data and market intelligence solutions could be your superpower. Get better rates, secure capacity and improve supply chain management when you make choices based on data.

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Freight Audit & Payment Hub

Freight Audit

Freight Audit
  • Full visibility of process, data and carrier performance.
  • Logistics should no longer deal with invoicing.
  • Underbilling is reported.
  • Receives alerts about rejection/approval.
  • Cost allocation of freight audit costs are automated.

Market Intelligence & Benchmarking

Transporeon Insights

Transporeon Insights
  • Enhance your pricing and procurement strategy with the most powerful data on price and capacity developments on the European FTL market.
  • Get in-depth, real time insights into markets, lanes, and their development over time.

Market Intelligence & Benchmarking

Transporeon Market Intelligence

Transporeon Market Intelligence
  • Power your tactical freight purchasing decisions and iterate your transportation strategy and improve operational processes with our proven and dependable market intelligence initiatives.

Freight Procurement & Rate Management

Transporeon Autonomous Procurement

Transporeon Autonomous Procurement
  • Automate your spot buying with data and behavioral science to secure capacity at lower freight rates for road transports.