To be sustainable is

…to strengthen, to support, to be able to continue over a period of time.

Our mission is to help companies reduce their capital expenditure, reduce their carbon footprint, and remain competitive. That’s what we work for every day. Sustainable management, respectful and supportive treatment of employees and unconditional compliance with legal requirements are the cornerstones of our actions. In this way, we lay the foundations for long-term business success.

What does sustainability mean to you?

Take a closer look at what it means to us.


Our commitment as a company

Decarbonizing Freight 2022

Decarbonizing Freight 2022

Get fresh insight into:

  • The shift in attitude towards sustainability from companies responsible for scope 1 emissions

  • Preferred alternatives to fossil fuels – and analysis into how these choices are being formed

  • Sustainability trailblazers’ perspectives on routes to decarbonizing freight and achieving sustainability targets

And much more.

ESG Report

ESG Report

Transporeon is in a key position to enable major sustainability goals for the transportation industry and beyond, in both the short and long term. Our latest ESG report shares detailed insight into our rich spectrum of activities, motivations and results that promise a more sustainable future for our customers, employees, investors and the planet.

The Road to Net Zero

The Road to Net Zero

The European Union has set a goal to be climate neutral by 2050. Today, road freight accounts for 20% of all CO2 emissions from transport in Europe, and is still growing.

This in-depth report is the result of expert interviews with supply chain leaders who share their outlook on how we can meet the EU’s 2050 goal as well as focus on immediate steps for today and tomorrow.


Transporeon awarded carbon neutral status

Transporeon completed its last steps to becoming carbon neutral at the end of 2021, in solidarity with our commitment to bringing transportation in sync with the world.

Find out more about our partnership with leading climate solutions provider, Southpole, and the key milestones we’ve achieved to become the first carbon neutral supply chain technology provider in Europe.

Carbon Visibility

Designed to help customers measure and report their transport emissions across all modes, Carbon Visibility is a game-changer as the CSRD and Fit-for-55 package give emissions reporting mandatory status.

Logistics Sustainability Month 2022 Highlights

Logistics Sustainability Month #GreenerLogistics

In March 2022, we delivered another unmissable virtual programme of events packed with game-changing sustainability initiatives. Following a super successful debut event back in 2021, even more of the industry attended this year to benefit from front row access as our customers, partners and colleagues unveiled the latest sustainability innovations in logistics.

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Sustainability Showcase


Visibility Mastery - Green Edition


Eco Performance Award 2022


Make logistics greener: from concepts to innovations



Are you Fit for 55?

The European Union’s plan to cut CO2 emissions by at least 55% by 2030 is set to go into effect in 2023. This ambitious target — part of the overall European Green Deal — requires both strategic and technical shifts for transport and logistics organizations. Plan ahead and determine which tools you need to help you measure and reduce your CO2 emissions. Join the Carbon Intelligence Mastermind community to download the checklist.

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