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Experts explain all in our dictionary of 49 essential environmental terms

Confused by sustainability jargon? Bemused the constantly changing regulations?

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This dictionary demystifies key terms around environmental impact and decarbonisation within this dynamic industry. From Carbon Border Tax to Well-to-wheel, our experts explain what they mean, in simple, plain English. 

Sustainability made Simple is your go-to resource,  empowering you to navigate a more sustainable landscape. Explore, learn and contribute to a greener tomorrow.

Meet the brains behind the definitions

Serge Schamschula

Senior Partner Manager, 

Kathrin Schuller

Head of Methods Standards and Assurance,
Smart Freight Centre

Balkan Cetinkaya

Principal Director,
Accenture Strategy Global Lead - Sustainable Fulfilment

Finding a way to Net Zero, together

Sustainability starts with community

The road to decarbonisation is long, and the best way to achieve our goals is to work together. Our comprehensive set of solutions and events support green logistics throughout the supply chain.

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Turn words into action

Sustainability is a pivotal factor in the realm of logistics operations. Transporeon Freight Marketplace surpasses conventional procurement tools by integrating emissions considerations into the decision-making process. This innovative approach empowers you to prioritise low-emission options, ushering in a new era of environmentally conscious logistics.


More solutions to support green logistics

Together our products work in harmony to increase transport efficiency along the full lifecycle of freight activities.

Sustainability Hub

Carbon Visibility

Carbon Visibility
  • Precise measuring & reporting on logistics emission.
  • Across entire supply chain and all transport modes.
  • Based on the highest market standards covering the total emissions (Well-to-Wheel).
  • Enables operations to move to Net Zero logistics.

Dock & Yard Management Hub

Time Slot Management

Time Slot Management
  • Full transparency of delivery and pick-up times for all parties 
  • Efficient use of resources due to the even and predictable distribution of loadings and unloadings
  • Reduction of waiting times for trucks by up to 40%
  • Audit-proof and legal compliance through fully documented processes
  • Quick response and operational optimization through fast communication and real-time data