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Stephan Sieber welcomes David Landau, the new Chief Network and Strategy Officer at Transporeon

Cosy, intimate, thought-provoking. Who doesn't love a fireside chat? Shut the world out and settle in to watch our leaders, experts, and guests chat about everything from the latest products and innovations, company news, as well as trends and developments in the logistics industry. Get to know Transporeon better and get involved with our community.


Success stories from our partners

We are proud to support some of the leading companies. Hear from them how our digital solutions have helped them master their logistics challenges. 

RPM Logistics Deploys TNX by Transporeon for Autonomous Truckload Procurement
Customer Insights by Avista Oil

What customers say about Transporeon

Allocating our ADHOC transports via the Transporeon platform saves us time and money. The new automation tool relieves our dispatching enormously. We are glad that we have found such a reliable and competent partner in Transporeon.

Alfred Stricker, Advisor / Referent Road Feeder Service
Lufthansa Cargo

With transport assignment from Transporeon, we and our carriers save time and money. This is great: with Transporeon everyone wins.

Kurt Münk
Head of Freight Management, Knauf

We wanted to have a structured, competitive and fast online tool for benchmarking and scouting and this wish has been satisfied by Transporeon Freight Procurement.

Valentino Soldan
Head of Logistic, Benetton Group 

We really value the insights given into the current shipping environment and future outlook, and also because they allow us to compare our own sentiment on market direction with the other community members in an anonymous way. This helps us take strategic procurement decisions.

Sander Kerkhoff
Team Leader Global Standard Costing, Bacardi Martini

Now we have way more control over our transports – we know our orders are being placed with the right carriers, we’re cutting our CO2 emissions, and we’re achieving new levels of operational efficiency at our sites.

Frank van Herk,

Logistics Manager, Griffith Foods

Transporeon Visibility Hub is the perfect match to achieve our goal of a fully transparent process from order to delivery.

Brian Moran,
Logistics Manager UK, Knauf UK

Transporeon's truck border crossing times map is used by thousands of professionals in the industry. I am sure it will help create the necessary visibility, drive better operational decisions and contribute to addressing congestions. All this is required to ensure product availability on the shelf despite the challenges of COVID-19.

Sergiy Yablonskiy,

Senior Product Manager for Transportation, Nestlé

Transporeon’s Dynamic time slots project will enable us to make full use of all real-time data. A dedicated algorithm is able to automatically check and detect deliveries with a delayed estimated time of arrival (ETA) and switch booked time slots with trucks which are already on site. This dynamic adaptation will allow us to utilize the available resources within the plants in the best possible way.

Martin Kieselhofer

Tga Verladeplanung, Rockwool

Boost your knowledge with our expertise 

Transportation Pulse Report 2023

Transportation Pulse Report 2023

Our Transportation Pulse Report 2023 – Welcome to the Platform Era offers valuable insights and advice that will help bridge the gap between shippers, carriers and logistics service providers, and their solutions.

Six major themes emerge:

  • Bridging the gap between transportation today and tomorrow
  • A shrinking labor force  
  • Sustainability when making supply chain decisions 
  • Greater customer expectations  
  • Greater collaboration  
  • A new platform era 

From Gut Feelings to Data-Driven Decision Making: How to Unlock New Value in Transportation Management 

From Gut Feelings to Data-Driven Decision Making: How to Unlock New Value in Transportation Management 

Find out how to: 

  • Use market intelligence to save time and money 
  • Turn accuracy into your real competitive advantage 
  • Get the most value from big data visualization tools and technologies  
  • Exploit freight audit as a source of actionable transportation data and intelligence 
  • Deepen the value of network-based transportation management platforms with automation 

Plus much more. 

Decarbonizing Freight 2022

Decarbonizing Freight 2022

Get fresh insight into:

  • The shift in attitude towards sustainability from companies responsible for scope 1 emissions

  • Preferred alternatives to fossil fuels – and analysis into how these choices are being formed

  • Sustainability trailblazers’ perspectives on routes to decarbonizing freight and achieving sustainability targets

And much more.

Network Horizon Report 2022: 7 key discoveries from carriers

Network Horizon Report 2022: 7 key discoveries from carriers

  • Support your efforts to stress-test your current strategies with a deepened understanding of the entire logistics landscape based on market-leading logistics data and trusted insights 
  • Make progress towards stabilizing relationships with shippers based on new findings representing industry-wide sentiment, despite major pressure caused by supply chain shortages and energy prices 

Transportation Pulse Report 2022

Transportation Pulse Report 2022

Our report provides food for thought for the experts, and unrivaled insight to guide us forward in the face of uncertainty:

  • The Physical vs. Digital Supply Chain 
  • A Trust Problem in Supply Chains
  • Not Just Software Eating the World Anymore

Leveraging Real-Time Data and the Network Effect for Next Level Time Slot Management

Leveraging Real-Time Data and the Network Effect for Next Level Time Slot Management

Transporeon collaborated with ARC Advisory Group to conduct a survey report that uncovers the true power of time slot management, how to optimize its value by leveraging the network effect, and the impact of current tech trends.

  • To leverage the network effect
  • To commit to using real-time data
  • To continue to innovate

Understanding Ocean Freight Handbook

Understanding Ocean Freight Handbook

28 graphs to help you understand the basics of container and maritime transport logistics, including:

  • The basics of container and maritime transport

  • Global container transport networks

  • Ocean carriers and Alliances

  • Rates and contracts

  • Bunker and GHG reduction

2021 Supply Chain Retrospective Magazine

2021 Supply Chain Retrospective Magazine

This past year has been a challenge for everyone, especially within the transport industry. And with that comes the opportunity to learn and grow. We’ve collected the top insights from industry insiders to help us make sense of the past year — and set us up for success in 2022. 


Wrap it up!

For this month's wrapping we have paired up with Integre Trans.

Transporeon brings people together

Trucker Heroes: Real drivers talk about their lives

Good Morning Logistics

Sia is here to ensure that you have a complete overview of the most important logistics news of the week. Get the latest market updates and news from the world of logistics — all in under five minutes. Each week we’ll share the top highlights, powered by data from Transporeon Insights.

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Episode 09: The summer of discontent

Air transport faces cascading problems as both airlines and airports around the world struggle with staffing shortages against a backdrop of surging demand. Heavy delays and cancellations in passenger transport directly impact air cargo — but as lockdowns lift and staffing recovers, we see hope for a better future.

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Episode 07: Air freight special

This week, things are looking up. We take a special focus on air freight, and explore how both cargo and passenger air travel are on the upswing. Despite recent Covid-19 restrictions in China, international air freight levels are returning to pre-pandemic levels, and airlines and manufacturers are both planning for growth.

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Episode 03: Lockdown strikes again

Disruption resulting from rising Covid cases in China continues to have a ripple effect across the whole supply chain. Market inflation is inevitable, meanwhile, experts fear another capacity crisis looms. 

We take a closer look at rising costs in Europe to help you plan ahead as turbulent times in transportation are set to continue.  

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Episode 06: Tracking ocean freight rates

This week we focus on ocean freight. Capacity has improved and prices have declined, but is it going to last? We look at the short-term effect of recent economic shifts, and what we can expect to see throughout the next year.

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Episode 05: Lessons learned

The only way forward is to learn from the past. Here are the top lessons that years of disruption caused by a pandemic, Brexit, driver and resource shortages, and political and economic instability have taught us.

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Episode 04: Diversification and substitutability

Continued market disruptions have led to a rise in reshoring, but experts advise adopting a strategy that incorporates increasing warehouses capacity, improving resiliency via diversification and substitutability, and adopting supply chain visibility as well.

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Episode 08: Road freight challenges

Road freight logistics continue to present significant challenges to both shippers and carriers as capacity remains tight, diesel prices rise, and political and economic uncertainty continues to disrupt the industry.

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Episode 02: From one crisis to another

Covid. Brexit. Driver shortages. And now the war in Ukraine. The transportation industry has been challenged by crisis after crisis, affecting all transport modes and lanes.

We chart changes in diesel prices and capacity issues across Europe to help you understand the market.

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Episode 01: The war in Ukraine and its effects on logistics

Among several disruptions affecting the global supply chain — including capacity constraints, supply shortages, port congestion, and many others — nothing is as urgent as the war in Ukraine.

We cover its impact on road, ocean, and air freight, including rates, capacity, container availability, and more.

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