Science-based transportation logistics

with Dr. Angela Acocella
From freight procurement to transport execution, learn how to optimize your logistics based on data and scientific research.

Shippers and carriers continue to face major challenges due to a variety of uncertainties plaguing the transportation and logistics industry. The capacity shortage lingers, and it’s difficult to predict when demand for capacity will arise. Truck availability is never guaranteed, let alone that they’re in the right place at the right time. And as for external market conditions – the situation is rough, impacted continuously by today’s geo-political landscape and destabilised global economy.  

In pursuit of less imbalance and more stability, greater efficiency and lower costs, we’ve gathered the experts together for a masterclass series led by Professor Angela Acocella, Researcher at Tilburg University and the MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics, and designed to support you with optimising your logistics operations – from freight procurement, to transport execution – based on data and scientific research. You’ll learn:

  • Episode 1: A portfolio approach to freight procurement.


  • Episode 2: Lane analysis and segmentation for the perfect assignment mix. 

  • Episode 3: Data analysis and technology solutions for smart freight procurement and assignment.


A portfolio approach to freight procurement

14.00 CET, 2 February, 2023

In the first episode, Dr. Angela Acocella of Tilburg University and the MIT is joined by Jonah Mcintire, Director of the Procurement Tribe at Transporeon, to shine a light on how and why apply a portfolio approach to procurement and avoid contracting for no-volume ghost lanes in favour of more competitive alternatives.

Learn how to cover your realised demand through a combination of procurement strategies and contracting methods – including long-term fixed-price contracts, market-based contracts, short-term agreements, tiered volume contracts, and spot transactions – to avoid overpaying on your contract strategy, improve your assignment methods, and benefit your relationship with carriers.

Join us live for this bitesize masterclass plus Q&A with the speakers to close. 


Dr. Angela Acocella

Researcher of Transportation, Logistics, and Operations Management at the School of Economics and Management of Tilburg University

Research Affiliate at the Center for Transportation & Logistics at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Jonah Mcintire

Director - Procurement Products, Transporeon


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Transporeon Time Slot Management

Transporeon Time Slot Management
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Transporeon Real Time Yard Management
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Extended Yard Management powered by Peripass
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