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09/21/2023 | 5 min

Use Transporeon to connect freight procurement and audit

Use Transporeon to connect freight procurement and audit. Get precise visibility into transportation execution with Integrated Transportation Management.

08/29/2023 | 10 min

Resilience of Supply Chain

Discover the solutions that will help you navigate supply chain risks and leverage new opportunities for transformation.

08/29/2023 | 10 min

The rise of mini bids

Mini bids or mini tenders are the solution to fluctuating conditions, as they offer a more agile and responsive approach to procurement, enabling shippers to quickly access the market and obtain accurate pricing.

08/14/2023 | 7 min

Transforming and Optimising Retail Supply Chains through Digitalisation

The evolution of digital technology has had a profound impact on how Grocers, Retailers, and FMCG markets operate.

08/08/2023 | 8 min

Revisiting Pulse Report 2023

Rely on leading logistics analyst Adrian Gonzalez for a thought-provoking recap of what’s gone on since we published the Transporeon Pulse Report 2023 last November.

08/07/2023 | 8 min

Data analysis, pricing strategies and technology solutions to leverage the spot market | Dr. Angela Acocella

Dr. Acocella explores how index-based pricing can lower costs for shippers, increase freight acceptance from carriers and boost carrier revenue.

07/27/2023 | 5 min

Sea Level: the ocean blog | July

Check out July 2023 ocean market updates from our Market Intelligence ocean platform and further expert analysis from the Visibility Hub.

07/25/2023 | 8 min

Half-time for the transportation industry is an opportunity for change

Adrian Gonzalez looks back on the year so far, discussing the changes YOU need for a strong finish in your strategy.

07/19/2023 | 12 min

Bust myths and bank benefits by joining the AI revolution

Learn how to lower transaction costs, deploy faster processes and enjoy clearer communication with Autonomous Procurement.