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The Red Sea Crisis and its impacts on supply chain

Explore the Red Sea Crisis and its profound impact on global supply chains. Learn how disruptions affect trade, shipping, and consumer prices. Stay informed on the latest updates.


Carrier loyalty program: 7 secrets of success

Read up on the seven secrets to succeeding in our Carrier Loyalty Program according to Zugvogel Logistics


Transportation: how to win a flexible competitive advantage

What role does automation, real-time visibility and assignment strategy play in transport execution?


eCMR Guide For Shippers: Why 2024 is the year to join the paperless revolution

Save money and improve operational efficiency when you implement digital consignment notes ahead of the EU deadline to ratify the eCMR protocol.

01/14/2024 | 6 min

How to automate your freight audit process

Discover how automating freight audit reduces manual labour and gives businesses a clear view of their expenses, which minimises errors, prevents unnecessary costs, and strengthens partnerships.


Autonomous Quotation: Automating the truckload quotation process

Embark on efficient logistics: Autonomous Quotation revolutionises pricing, automates quotes, and syncs seamlessly with Autonomous Procurement. Win more loads effortlessly!


Introducing Freight Marketplace: Seamless Logistics Procurement

Unlock efficient logistics with Freight Marketplace: your fair, seamless, and user-centric gateway. Revolutionize collaboration between buyers and sellers. Dive in today!

12/20/2023 | 5 min

AI Solutions: Your Fast Route to Logistics Efficiency and Safety

Artificial Intelligence is enabling the next great leap forward in logistics efficiency, agility and safety. Read on to discover how Trimble Video Intelligence and Transporeon Fleet Planner and Fleet Operator can help carriers to reap the many upsides of AI.


Optimize logistics decisions with Rate Benchmark

Optimize logistics decisions with Rate Benchmark. Accurate contract rates on a postal code level for FTL road transports in Europe. Minimize risks and secure the right price. Join now!