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11/22/2022 | 4 min

Carbon Intelligence Mastermind – a new movement for leaders in sustainability

Carbon Intelligence Mastermind represents a new approach for transportation professionals who are looking to navigate the sustainability landscape. Find out more on our blog!

11/15/2022 | 7 min

Decarbonizing Freight 2022: five reasons to download the full report

If you’re curious about progress in the field of sustainability and keen to participate in sustaining positive change, we recommend taking the time to digest the data and commentary in full.

11/10/2022 | 6 min

The pendulum returns: interpreting global markets to inform freight procurement 

As market forces start to favor shippers again, now is the time to secure capacity for the new year.

11/09/2022 | 7 min

Expect the unexpected: what’s in store for logistics in 2023

Do you know what is happening in the European transport market? Find the answer in our blog.

11/04/2022 | 4 min

Data-Driven Decision Making: Freight Audit

How can companies unlock new value in transportation management? By becoming more data driven in their decision making.

10/26/2022 | 7 min

How to fill up a supply chain black hole

In recent decades, warehouses and transportation have gone through continuous optimization. The yard, sadly, has not. Many yards are currently managed by spreadsheets or “the human eye,” pen and paper, or are heavily supported by cumbersome Excel spreadsheets. Read more in our blog!

10/21/2022 | 4 min

Vertical Collaboration – connecting retailers with suppliers in real-time

In the dynamic world of retail supply chain, there is constant demand for opportunities to revolutionize the status quo.

10/18/2022 | 4 min

How Freight Matching can increase efficiency for forwarders and carriers alike

European roads are filled with trucks, and it will get even busier with road freight volume expected to rise for years to come

10/07/2022 | 4 min

Moving forward – getting Ukrainian produce back on track

On the 12th of May this year, the EU Commission launched the EU Ukraine solidarity initiative with an Action Plan dedicated to solving logistics problems caused by the war between Russia and Ukraine to support. Read more!


Stephan Sieber welcomes David Landau, the new Chief Network and Strategy Officer at Transporeon

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