Sustainability Showcase

March 3

Listen in to the most forward-thinking concepts on making logistics greener. Transporeon customers take the spotlight to present their breakthrough sustainability initiatives, and share their vision and targets for becoming carbon neutral.

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We’re delighted to welcome six leading names representing a cross-section of industries to share what they’re doing to champion sustainability, and how they’re doing it.

Chair: Moritz Petersen, Assistant Professor of Sustainable Supply Chain Practice, Kuehne Logistics University

Lenzing’s climate strategy and transformation

Parsan Chand Mahaveer, Senior Director Global Logistics, Lenzing Group

For a deep dive on sustainability transformation and key sustainability themes driving logistics operations, get a comprehensive and concise view of how Lenzing continues to orchestrate change en route to achieving sustainability goals.

Environmental sustainability strategies in a market instability framework

Andrea Condotta, Public Affairs & Innovation Manager, GRUBER Logistics

Gianluigi Mason, Director Logistics Italy, Barilla Group

Covid-19 continues to test logistics to its limits. How has the complexity of today’s market impacted sustainability strategies across the industry? GRUBER Logistics and Barilla Group join forces to discuss a variety of perspectives as shippers and logistics companies ready themselves for what’s next.

How we design the future for people, not traffic

Ivelina Georgieva, Sustainability Leader Category Area Transport, IKEA

In 2012, IKEA launched its ambitious People & Planet Positive Strategy to become climate positive by 2030. The clock is ticking, and pushing decarbonization initiatives even further than before is critical to reach this target. Find out what actions they’re taking to bring positive change to our planet year after year.

Biomethane as green alternative for natural gas and enabler for a perfect circular economy approach

Johanna Goebel, Business Manager Biogas Europe, Evonik Operations GmbH  

Gain unique insight into Evonik’s ambitious sustainability targets and get curious about the potential of biogas. Boost your expertise on Biomethane, Bio-CO2 and find out how easy it is to upgrade from fossil natural gas to more sustainable fuelling options.

P&G 2030 and 2040 ambition for decarbonization as applied to transport and distribution operations with practical examples

Sergio Barbarino, Research Fellow, Procter & Gamble

In logistics, economic and environmental efficiency are strongly correlated. Standardization can do wonders for improving efficiency. But, this can only be achieved through collaboration. Learn why Report, Reduce and Collaborate form the key building blocks of P&G’s decarbonization strategy and find out how to maximize efficient use of existing assets and infrastructure in order to achieve rapidly scalable results that pave the way toward lower emissions.


Andrea Condotta

Public Affairs & Innovation Manager at GRUBER Logistics

Gianluigi Mason

Director Logistics Italy, Barilla Group

Ivelina Georgieva

Sustainability Leader Category Area Transport, Inter IKEA Supply Chain Operations

Johanna Goebel

Business Manager Biogas Europe, Evonik Operations GmbH 

Moritz Petersen

Assistant Professor of Sustainable Supply Chain Practice, Kuehne Logistics University

Parsan Chand Mahaveer

Senior Director Global Logistics, Lenzing Group

Sergio Barbarino

VC of ALICE and Research Fellow, Procter & Gamble

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