Network Horizon Report 2022: 7 key discoveries from carriers

Our Global Carrier Survey 2022 captured the Transporeon network’s perception of how carrier business developed in 2021. Experiences and insights shared in the survey delivered deep insight into what’s emerged so far this year. 

The Network Horizon report 2022 summarizes the findings, from which seven key discoveries have been derived and presented by global supply chain and technology strategist, Wolfgang Lehmacher, with the support of Professor Mikael Lind (Chalmers University, RISE Research Institute of Sweden). 

Use the Transporeon Network Horizon 2022 report to: 

  • Support your efforts to stress-test your current strategies with a deepened understanding of the entire logistics landscape based on market-leading logistics data and trusted insights 

  • Make progress towards stabilizing relationships with shippers based on new findings representing industry-wide sentiment, despite major pressure caused by supply chain shortages and energy prices 

Carriers and shippers inject more stability into their business relationships

The number of loads and capacity secured by contracts is on the rise, up 10% year-on-year and representing 52% of all business completed. This trend is reflective of other industries right now, too, including container shipping where less and less reliance is being placed on spot rate opportunities.

Investments are now more oriented towards operational efforts than digitalization and decarbonization

While around 14% of carriers report an improved ability to calculate CO2 emissions, 41% admit they have some catching up to do. A reported shift in investment away from digitalization and decarbonization risks creating friction between consumer and regulator expectations, especially in the context of 2018 International Energy Agency data that stated road transport accounted for 75% of transport emissions.


Capture opportunities emerging at the horizon

We are traveling down an uncertain road. In these times, management must pay special attention to both short-term and long-term actions to ensure the future stability of their business. With the appropriate approach, strategies, and operating plans, trucking companies and forwarders will be well positioned to navigate today’s environment and capture opportunities emerging at the horizon.


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Transporeon Insights
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Transporeon Market Intelligence
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Transporeon Autonomous Procurement
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Freight Audit
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