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Meet the report's author, Adrian Gonzalez, and Transporeon's CEO, Stephan Sieber, in this recording of a recent online webinar.

What to expect from transportation in 2023?

Our Transportation Pulse Report 2023 is packed full of fascinating insights into transformational trends, greater collaborations and new platform solutions that will help you to improve your operations and give your business the competitive edge. 

To help you get the most out of this valuable resource, industry experts Adrian Gonzalez and Stephan Sieber took a deep into the report. In addition to examining the Pulse Report's key findings, they discussed: 

  • The trend of platform solutions 

  • What to expect in transportation and logistics in 2023 

  • How to manage supply chain challenges 


Adrian Gonzalez

Founder of Talking Logistics and President of Adelante SCM

Stephan Sieber

Chief Executive Officer, 

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Welcome to the Platform Era

Transporeon’s 2023 Pulse report goes deeper into the trends that are shaping the transportation industry as we head into 2023. It also outlines the rise of the platform era – an era that moves away from manual processing, inside-out thinking and siloed and sub-optimised processes towards connected networks of trading partners.