Sustainability or Profit? 

Learn how ESG reporting requirements impact your company’s profits, opportunity costs, access to capital, interest rates, and profit-and-loss implications.

As ESG requirements continue to increase, companies are expected to comply with extended sustainability reporting. However, we see that very few organisations are prepared for this next step, struggling to understand the KPIs needed and how to collect and interpret the necessary data.  

While many companies are able to calculate their scope 1 and scope 2 GHG emissions thanks to sensor-based data, they fall behind when they need to report on scope-3 emissions — which account for approximately 80% of the total carbon footprint — resulting in incorrect reporting and insufficient reduction measures.  

Our latest Carbon Intelligence Masterclass featured an in-depth discussion led by logistics sustainability experts, exploring topics around the upcoming reporting requirements:

  • How can organisations best assess potential sustainability and technology partners? 

  • To what extent can companies avoid, delay, or limit this burden? 

  • How do we compare the costs of making a big change vs. the cost of doing nothing? 

  • How does the impact of ESG requirements impact access to (foreign) capital or other financing?  

  • How are interest rates linked to ESG and decarbonisation performance? 

  • What are the potential profit-and-loss implications, especially considering increasing pressure from customers?  


Balkan T. Cetinkaya 

Sustainability and Strategy Consultant,

Jens Brokate 

Sustainability Lead Logistics,

Indra Vonck 

Director, Deloitte   

Maarten Biermans

Prow Capital,
former Global Head of Sustainable Finance,

Serge Schamschula

Head of Ecosystem,

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