How to Unlock New Value in Transportation Management

From Gut Feelings to Data-Driven Decision Making

Transportation tops the list of where to unlock business value – but historically the industry has faced many hurdles stopping us from harnessing the transformational effect data can have.

In our latest report, Adrian Gonzalez, Founder of Talking Logistics, presents and assesses the countless advantages to exploiting data for all its worth, based on the critique that many companies are still laggards when it comes to competing on analytics and data-driven decision-making.

From Gut Feelings to Data-Driven Decision Making: How to Unlock New Value in Transportation Management shares stark comparisons, best practice use cases and expert commentary. Organizations at every level of the data maturity scale can use this report to identify where and how they can leverage data to transform their decision-making capabilities. 

Are you ready to become more data-driven in transportation?

More than 360 shippers, carriers and logistics service providers from around the world say lack of data sharing/transparency about demand, rates, and capacity is the biggest barrier to transforming the transportation procurement process.

Access to real-time data and analytical tools is no longer out of reach. And once connected, shippers, carriers, logistics service providers and more find themselves in a position to communicate, collaborate and do business with efficiency, scalability and innovation at the forefront.


The future of our planet rests on intelligent decision-making

Companies that leverage real-time market intelligence to continuously analyze market conditions and make adjustments to plans and routing guides as necessary will be in the best position to control costs, secure capacity, and meet customer service expectations.

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Unlock your future with smarter decision-making

Stand out in the market. Get recognized in the business. Our data and market intelligence solutions could be your superpower. Get better rates, secure capacity and improve supply chain management when you make choices based on data.

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Market Intelligence & Benchmarking

Transporeon Insights

Transporeon Insights
  • Enhance your pricing and procurement strategy with the most powerful data on price and capacity developments on the European FTL market.
  • Get in-depth, real time insights into markets, lanes, and their development over time.

Market Intelligence & Benchmarking

Transporeon Market Intelligence

Transporeon Market Intelligence
  • Power your tactical freight purchasing decisions and iterate your transportation strategy and improve operational processes with our proven and dependable market intelligence initiatives.

Freight Procurement & Rate Management

Transporeon Autonomous Procurement

Transporeon Autonomous Procurement
  • Automate your spot buying with data and behavioral science to secure capacity at lower freight rates for road transports.

Freight Audit & Payment Hub

Freight Audit

Freight Audit
  • Full visibility of process, data and carrier performance.
  • Logistics should no longer deal with invoicing.
  • Underbilling is reported.
  • Receives alerts about rejection/approval.
  • Cost allocation of freight audit costs are automated.