Carrier Convention 2022: Innovate, digitalize and scale

Get instant access to our flagship event for carriers focused on our full suite of carrier-first solutions.

Led by Transporeon customers and experts, Transporeon Carrier Convention 2022 explored how to:

  • Respond to today’s major challenges with the latest technology.
  • Expand existing knowledge to enhance your pricing and strategy.
  • Optimize transportation workflow with dynamic and affordable solutions.
  • Become more agile as supply chain continues to face unpredictable market shifts.
  • Get tools and tips on reinventing yourself to accelerate growth.

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What our customers say  

"As Head of SHEQ & Training, the safety of our employees is an essential factor of my role. We must ensure that our drivers return home safe and sound at any time. To achieve this, we need the willingness and support of the chemical industry we are working for. Especially unloading places do often not meet the minimum requirements for drivers' safety. So we need events like Carrier Convention from Transporeon to make people aware that this is a joint responsibility, which needs efforts from all parties involved."

Michael Vetter
Head of SHEQ & Training, Bertschi Group

"When you share an idea, you open the door for improving it. The Carrier Convention is a great occasion for doing it."

Andrea Condotta
Public Affairs & Innovation Manager, GRUBER Logistics

"The Transporeon Carrier Convention is a great platform to gain insights and foster collaboration. Especially for the topic of decarbonizing transport, this is key."

Moritz Tölke
Senior Manager - Strategic Customer Projects & Environmental Sustainability, Sovereign Speed



Day one | Be part of the network

Years of research, innovation and real-life proofing shows that carrier-shipper collaboration comes with immense potential for the supply chain. Our programme for day one will focus on enabling carrier customers to thrive with easier onboarding and more shipper matches.


WELCOME KEYNOTE Putting Carriers at the Core of Supply Chain

Join us for an assessment of today’s main difficulties in logistics and an update on developments and innovations in response to carrier challenges.

Gruziana Hoxha, Executive Director for Carrier Management, Transporeon


How to fix an industry in distress

Chaos, uncertainty and exception characterize life in logistics today. The way we do things simply must evolve, but still very little has changed about the way we move freight. Listen in as we explain why collaboration and automation are key to solving legacy problems and preparing for what’s ahead.  

Jonathan Raemdonck, Head of Product Marketing, Transporeon


A revolutionary new tool has arrived: live product announcement

Not to be missed – log in as we unveil our latest product designed to solve major challenges encountered by dispatchers and enable freight forwarders to scale.

Ana Emanuela Lungu, Senior Manager, Carrier Engagement, Transporeon

Alexander Reichl, Product Specialist, Quehenberger Logistics


Automated and user friendly: it’s time to transform your transport process

Demand for a B2C experience in a B2B world continues to rise – the good news is greater visibility is easily achieved when all stakeholders can collaborate on one single platform. Find out what’s missing from your logistics operations and meet the answer to enhancing yard efficiency in less than 10 minutes.

René Kleber, Director Solution Engineering, SupplyStack


Facts over feelings: make better decisions with Transporeon Insights

Discover the most powerful online solution for tracking trends in the European FTL Market. From boosting competitive advantage to powering up your pricing and procurement strategy, get inspired by the potential offered by factual data and real-time insights.

Francisco Suris, Business Development Manager - Market Intelligence, Procurement Excellence & Consulting, Transporeon

Christian Wicht, Head of Carrier Sales, Transporeon

Gert-Jan Meijer, Trade Lane Manager, Samskip





Grow your business with Carrier Premium Account

Carrier Premium Account gives new meaning to matching your services with new opportunities. With more visibility comes higher profits – find out more about the benefits of becoming a premium carrier.

Jonah Mcintire, Director of Procurement Solutions, Transporeon


Collaboration begins with Trust and Transparency

Discover how easy it is to achieve more transparent relationships with business partners. Our experts explain why streamlining processes involved in managing compliance holds the key to greater collaboration across the supply chain.

Ricardo Ott, Senior Product Manager, Transporeon

Jason James, Global Ground+Rail Transport Procurement Head, CEVA Logistics


Day one wrap up + Q&A

Gruziana Hoxha, Executive Director for Carrier Management, Transporeon


Lounges open

Ask questions and get closer to our solutions.

Day two | The route to a more sustainable future

The more we sync with one another, the more opportunities we have to operate better, reduce transport emissions and save costs. Attend day two to understand how visibility of market trends plays a crucial role in generating sustainable savings, and get access to new insights on optimizing fleet and itinerary.



WELCOME Fuel up for day two

Gruziana Hoxha, Executive Director for Carrier Management, Transporeon



Predict the future with Real-Time Visibility

Imagine a world where empty miles don’t exist and ETAs are always on time. Carriers using Real-Time Visibility are on track to achieve these kinds of goals, without compromising on privacy or compliance.

Jesper Bennike, Executive Director Predictive Transportation, Transporeon

Christina Schachner, Product Manager Carrier Benefits, Transporeon



The machine learning answer to more FTL

How can AI-powered solutions support you? Find out how to optimize your FTL execution in just a few clicks.

András Ferenc Kovács, Chief Executive Officer, Nexogen

Toni Llubes, Chief Information Officer, Trota



How to achieve early accurate complete data

Sounds like hard work? Listen in as we share key insights from a case study focused on capturing reliable, timely data and its almost unlimited potential.

Frank Knoors, Chief Executive Officer, Logit One



A data experiment: two global names uncover the truth about CO2 emissions using primary data

IKEA Supply Chain Operations and Girteka Logistics tracked 1700+ FTLs using Carbon Visibility to eliminate double work and achieve consistency in their CO2 emissions calculations. Find out how this data experiment uncovered impressive savings in CO2 emissions reporting of up to 27%.

Daniel Binder, Program Manager Sustainability, Transporeon 

Martynas Sarapinas, Chief Information Officer, Girteka Logistics

Johann Spriet, Global Sustainability Developer, Supply Chain Operations, IKEA

Serge Schamschula, Senior Partner Manager, Transporeon






Top Carrier Award 2022 - winners ceremony

Carriers make the world go round – it’s that simple. Join us in recognizing the most committed, most visible and most sustainable carriers in the community and celebrate as this year’s winners are announced live.

Stephan Sieber, Chief Executive Officer, Transporeon

Jesper Bennike, Executive Director Predictive Transportation, Transporeon

Geanina Gerea, Head of Carrier Engagement, Transporeon

Lukas Kramer, Head of Business Development, Transporeon



Closing remarks + Q&A

Gruziana Hoxha, Executive Director for Carrier Management, Transporeon



Lounges open

Ask questions and get closer to our solutions.


Meet our featured speakers

Alexander Reichl

Product Specialist, Quehenberger Logistics

Gert-Jan Meijer

Trade Lane Manager, 

Jason James

Global Ground Rail Procurement Head
CEVA Logistics

Johann Spriet

Global Sustainability Developer, Supply Chain Operations, 
IKEA Supply Chain Operations

Martynas Sarapinas

Chief Information Officer, 
Girteka Group

Toni Llubes

Chief Information Officer, Trota 


Gruziana Hoxha

Executive Director for Carrier Management, Transporeon
Read more

Jonathan Raemdonck

Head of Product Marketing, Transporeon
Read more

Jonah Mcintire

Director - Procurement Products, Transporeon
Read more

Daniel Binder

Program Manager Sustainability, Transporeon
Read more

Ana Emanuela Lungu

Sr. Manager, Carrier Engagement, Transporeon
Read more

András Ferenc Kovács

Co-Founder & CEO at Nexogen
Read more

Christian Wicht

Head of Carrier Sales, Transporeon
Read more

Christina Schachner

Product Manager Carrier Benefits, Sixfold
Read more

Francisco Suris

Head of Sales Market Intel, Procurement Excellence & Consulting, 
Read more

Frank Knoors

Chief Executive Officer, Logit One
Read more

Jesper Bennike

Executive Director Predictive Transportation, Transporeon
Read more

Ricardo Ott

Senior Product Manager, Transporeon
Read more

René Kleber

Read more

Serge Schamschula

Read more


Explore our digital freight solutions

Together our products work in harmony to increase transport efficiency along the full lifecycle of freight activities.

Insights Hub

Market Insights

Market Insights
  • Monitor the contractually agreed rates between shippers, logistic service providers, and the spot market.
  • Use important "indirect" indicators to illustrate the capacity situation on any given lane or market.
  • Define the lanes and metrics that you want to monitor.
  • Get a clear overview of the biggest market changes and top movers.

Freight Sourcing Hub

Trust Center

Trust Center
  • Single storage point for all documents such as licences, certificates and contracts
  • Central administration and properly managed carrier pool
  • Documentation of all compliance-relevant information and files
  • Integration for other TP modules like procurement

Freight Sourcing Hub

Freight Procurement

Freight Procurement
  • Smart purchasing strategy.
  • Achieve optimum freight rates.
  • Reduce administrative effort and costs.
  • Find suitable partners worldwide.
  • Audit-proof the tendering process.

Freight Sourcing Hub

Carrier Premium Account

Carrier Premium Account
  • Apply for suitable calls for bids with one click and win new customers.
  • Make your business known on the platform and in the service provider database.
  • Clear distribution of competencies and tasks between Head Office and Branch Office.
  • Optimize internal processes through additional functions and reports.

Visibility Hub


  • Reduce check calls and automate processes.
  • Increase performance and customer satisfaction.
  • Reduce wait and dwell times with more accurate ETAs.
  • Increase your on-time performance and avoid penalties  
  • Reduce CO2 emissions and empty mileage.