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Discover how Knauf and Pfeifer benchmarked their data to gain a competitive edge

The transportation sector is facing significant challenges, including rising costs, regulatory requirements, driver recruitment issues, and rapidly changing customer preferences. Both spot and contract deals are increasingly price-sensitive, and service levels are more important than ever. To maintain and improve profit margins, it is critical to establish streamlined, agile, cost-effective, and repeatable delivery patterns. 

Optimise your operations

This white paper has been written by logistics business journalist Paul Hamblin, and is based on interviews with Knauf, a world-leading manufacturer of construction materials, and Pfeifer who is one of the top three timber manufacturers in the EU. Together they offer insights into how data is the key to solving your logistics challenges. By using data in the right way, shippers can optimise and adapt their transportation operations and performance, by leveraging trusted comparisons with the broader market.  

Richest dataset in Europe

Transporeon’s core ethos is built on the transformative power of data. Market Insights was formulated to provide the European FTL market with a neutral source of pricing and capacity information, on a single platform. It is now the largest platform with the richest dataset in Europe, with over 120,000 transports per day mining its real-time market rates and FTL capacity dynamics. With the addition of Network Insights, shippers can compare their network performance against the broader market overview, and make smarter strategic decisions.

We are now able to use data from many transport companies in Europe in our benchmarking and forecasting, where previously we were basing such decisions on our past experience and on guesswork. This is why it’s real treasure and has made a significant difference to us as a business.

Thomas Staudinger,
Head of Logistics,
Pfeifer Group

The visibility that Transporeon gives to our suppliers and to pricing trends in Europe is invaluable.

Sebastian Weikert,
Category Manager Logistics Procurement,


Expert view

“Shippers can position themselves as shippers of choice, while carriers that excel in specific lanes have the chance to showcase their performance and reputation to potential shippers. Future transport decision-making will consider more than just isolated costs. Proven, evidence-based service levels will have a huge role to play.” 

Interviews with industry experts

Explore how Knauf leverages transparency to drive cost efficiency, quality and sustainability, while Pfiefer benefits from the power of benchmarking data.

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Market Insights

Market Insights
  • Monitor the contractually agreed rates between shippers, logistic service providers, and the spot market.
  • Use important "indirect" indicators to illustrate the capacity situation on any given lane or market.
  • Define the lanes and metrics that you want to monitor.
  • Get a clear overview of the biggest market changes and top movers.

Insights Hub

Network Insights

Network Insights
  • Set standards that support your partners’ businesses.
  • Benchmark against the wider market.
  • Escape the hassle of setting up reports manually.
  • Get standardized and relevant insights.
  • Track your performance and optimize your operations.