ÖBB Rail Cargo Group and Transporeon agree on partnership

  • Full integration of Europe’s leading rail logistics provider on Transporeon's Transportation Management Platform. 
  • Easy booking of rail and intermodal transports from the first to the last mile.  
  • Pilot routes between Germany, Austria and Italy.

Vienna, Ulm, 15 March 2023 – ÖBB Rail Cargo Group (RCG) and Transporeon, the leading Transportation Management Platform, announce their cooperation. Europe's leading rail logistics player and the globally established platform will benefit equally from the unique partnership by integrating RCG’s offerings and services on the Transporeon platform. Existing and new customers will profit from the strategic collaboration through a range of features that will be successively tested, expanded and rolled out on the Transporeon platform. These include: 

  • A fully integrated modus operandi for rail and intermodal transports as part of the end-to-end supply chain 
  • Low threshold inquiry, booking and execution of rail and intermodal transports from RCG via the Transporeon platform  
  • Obtainment of real-time data (position, status, ETA) at consignment level 
  • Robust calculations of greenhouse gas emissions based on the new ISO 14083 standard, including the highest possible level of primary data. 

European Green Deal – the opportunity of the century 

The joint efforts of RCG and Transporeon are based, not least, on the ambitious goals of the European Commission, which sees the shift to rail as an essential component of its Green Deal strategy: “The main aim of the European Green Deal is to transform our economy and society to engage towards a sustainable path. […] The objective is set to double rail freight traffic by 2050, from approximately 385 bn tkm transported by rail (2015) to 770 bn tkm in 2050.” (Source: European Union Agency for Railways – Fostering the Railway Sector through the European Green Deal, Part 2 – Freight) 

Rollout on pilot routes between Germany, Austria and Italy 

The new offer will first be available on the following pilot routes:  

  • North-East Austria (Greater Vienna) to Lombardia (Milan area) 
  • Southern Austria (Carinthia) to Northern and Southern Italy 
  • Northern Bavaria (Würzburg area) / Central Germany (Wuppertal / Kreuztal) to Veneto (Verona/Vicenza area) 

Rail Cargo Group CEO Clemens Först: “Multimodal transports combining the sustainability of rail freight with the flexibility of trucking on the first and last mile are our best chance at achieving sustainable land transport in Europe. Simplicity and ease of access is paramount for wide-scale adoption. We are delighted to have Transporeon as a strong and innovative partner on this journey. Together we bring everything to the table to make multimodal transports attractive.” 

Transporeon CEO Stephan Sieber: “In an environment which keeps being disrupted and challenged more and more frequently, solution providers need to collaborate even more closely to offer sustainable end-to-end solutions. Ease of access, transparency, availability of real-time information and accurate carbon footprint calculations are essential elements to navigating better decisions, whether in strategic planning, tactical procurement or daily execution. We are very proud of our partnership with Rail Cargo Group. Together we very much look forward to shaping a new landscape in European freight.”

Rail Cargo Group: the freight transport division of the ÖBB  

As a leading rail logistics company in Europe, we are shaping the industry. 365 days a year – 24 hours a day. Across Europe and beyond into Asia. We connect people, businesses and markets – from the first to the last mile. We are present in 18 countries worldwide. It’s thanks to our 5,755 logistics professionals from 34 nations that 463,000 trains a year, respectively 1,270 a day, reach their destinations safe and sound. With our efficient end-to-end logistics services, we transport 94 million net tonnes of freight each year. A modal share of 28 % (preliminary value) of the total freight market in Austria makes us top of the league in Europe. Operational management of the Rail Cargo Group lies with Rail Cargo Austria AG.  

Transporeon: Transportation Management Platform for moving, managing and monitoring freight in a world in motion.

At Transporeon, our mission is to bring transportation in sync with the world. We power the largest global freight network of +1,300 industrial shippers, +100 large retailers and +145,000 carriers and logistics service providers. They execute 220,000 transactions per day on our platform and process around €48bn in freight spend per year. 

Our leading Transportation Management Platform connects all actors along the supply chain. It facilitates collaboration between the different parties, helps to automate manual processes and provides valuable real-time insights. The modular Application Hubs solve specific logistics challenges and range from freight sourcing over transport execution and dock and yard management to freight audit and payment. Data hubs provide insights into logistics operations, market developments and carbon emissions, next to ensuring transparency in the supply chain through visibility. Our platform works across all geographies and all modes of transportation, empowering logistics teams to move, manage and monitor freight.  

Transporeon is headquartered in Ulm, Germany, and maintains 18 offices around the globe with +1,400 employees across 27 countries. For more information visit www.transporeon.com  

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