Dock Delays: The true costs and how to cut them

Understand the real impact of dock delays on your business and learn how to mitigate them. Backed by the experience of market leaders.

Do you know the true costs of dock delays for your business? When an economic upturn comes, will your business be ready?

In the current economic situation, it seems like a no-brainer to put dock and yard efficiency on the backburner. But with margins shrinking in uncertain times, dock and yard delays caused by inefficient manual systems hit your business harder than ever - even though they are often invisible at first glance. 

In this paper, we shed light on the real cost of yard inefficiencies and explain how to mitigate them with dock and yard management solutions. We’ll share real-world examples of how you can effectively tackle each type of cost, with success stories from market leaders.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Evaluate the real costs related to dock and yard delays for your business
  • Effectively mitigate those costs by leveraging dock and yard management solutions 
  • Accelerate throughput times, shrink wait times, slash demurrage fees, cut manual dependence and lubricate warehouse and distribution centre agility
  • Transform your yard from a cost centre into an efficient hub.

Get your shipping yard ready for an economic upturn!


What’s inside?

From more well-known costs such as high demurrage fees, idle equipment and high overtime costs, to the unexpected ones such as high contract and spot rates, damaged relationships with carriers, customers, and suppliers and missing out on attractive business enables for your business, we’ll help you evaluate the real cost of dock delays and show exactly how mitigate them, backed by real-world evidence from from market leaders:

  • The costs: where the pain adds up
  • How to mitigate costs: Time Slot Management
  • Real-world results: the secret to market leaders’ success
  • What’s in it for carriers?
  • ROI: What your business can expect

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Manage freight better with our solutions

Together our products work in harmony to increase transport efficiency along the full lifecycle of freight activities.

Dock & Yard Management Hub

Time Slot Management

Time Slot Management
  • Full transparency of delivery and pick-up times for all parties 
  • Efficient use of resources due to the even and predictable distribution of loadings and unloadings
  • Reduction of waiting times for trucks by up to 40%
  • Audit-proof and legal compliance through fully documented processes
  • Quick response and operational optimization through fast communication and real-time data

Dock & Yard Management Hub

Time Slot Management for Retail

Time Slot Management for Retail
  • Increase handling capacity by up to 20%
  • Reduce driver wait times by up to 40%
  • Shorten loading times by up to 60 minutes
  • Audit and legal security
  • Completely documented processes

Dock & Yard Management Hub

Digital Transport Documents

Digital Transport Documents
  • Paperless management of the consignment note through all involved parties
  • Easy usage due to conveniently comment and signing of the eCMR on a mobile device
  • Provide the eCMR in real time via Transporeon platform plus additional communication channels