More Partners, More Offers, One Neutral Space

Driven by groundbreaking data science, Transporeon’s Freight Marketplace is set to revolutionise the world of freight transport procurement. The benefits? Both shippers and carriers can find available capacity and fairer prices faster, engage in negotiations beyond pricing, discover a whole new showcasing opportunity for carriers, improve their margins, and take greater confidence in the overall procurement process.

Digital transformation of freight procurement disrupted paper-based traditions relied on for freight procurement, but until now, online solutions tended to focus on either the buyer or the seller – never both. But it’s common knowledge that shippers and carriers demand more speed and more efficiency from procurement nowadays, and that means exploiting data insights to drive decision-making. Here’s where we chart the path forward. 

We set ourselves the challenge to develop a platform where both sides would reap equal benefits. How could we help everyone shake hands on a deal more quickly, with full confidence that the price was right?

The result is Freight Marketplace. This white paper looks at how it benefits each ‘side’ in turn.

Top 5 reasons why buyers win with Freight Marketplace

Freight Marketplace introduces shippers to carriers who are not already part of their network, but who might just make the other half of a perfect combination. 

  • Free of charge
  • Find perfect community partners
  • Multi dimensional negotiations beyond price
  • Responses from sellers in minutes
  • Rate Benchmark: Find a fair price faster

…plus more

Data science is ripping up the established rules of freight procurement. Learn about each of these benefits in full when you download the white paper.

Top 5 reasons why sellers succeed with Freight Marketplace

With Freight Marketplace, carriers can unlock previously closed doors guarding entry into a shipper’s own network and knowledge bank.

  • Showcase your profile to buyers
  • Better margins and costs for SMEs
  • Connect with new buyers
  • Low cost, high returns
  • Freight marketplace simplifies everything

…plus more

Freight Marketplace is your shop window. Learn about each of these benefits in full when you download the white paper.

Excerpt from the paper

Let’s be clear from the start. Our objective with Freight Marketplace is to benefit carriers and shippers equally – it is not about driving prices down to benefit shippers at the expense of carriers on already tight margins.  Reported time savings include 80% reductions in tender creation time, and bid offers within 60 seconds of posting. Rate reduction potential is rated at up to 25%.

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