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Forward to the future: Freight Spend Insights

Forward to the future: Freight Spend Insights

This eBook offers an inside look at the current state of data management in supply chain management — and how you can use new technology to harness the power of big data in strategic decision-making.


  • The evolving role of data in supply chain management
  • The limitations of early technology and legacy systems
  • The benefits of an interactive, personalizable data dashboard for different teams
  • How to tell a story with data

From Gut Feelings to Data-Driven Decision Making: How to Unlock New Value in Transportation Management 

From Gut Feelings to Data-Driven Decision Making: How to Unlock New Value in Transportation Management 

Find out how to: 

  • Use market intelligence to save time and money 
  • Turn accuracy into your real competitive advantage 
  • Get the most value from big data visualization tools and technologies  
  • Exploit freight audit as a source of actionable transportation data and intelligence 
  • Deepen the value of network-based transportation management platforms with automation 

Plus much more. 

Transportation Pulse Report 2023

Transportation Pulse Report 2023

Our Transportation Pulse Report 2023 – Welcome to the Platform Era offers valuable insights and advice that will help bridge the gap between shippers, carriers and logistics service providers, and their solutions.

Six major themes emerge:

  • Bridging the gap between transportation today and tomorrow
  • A shrinking labor force  
  • Sustainability when making supply chain decisions 
  • Greater customer expectations  
  • Greater collaboration  
  • A new platform era 


The pendulum returns: interpreting global markets to inform freight procurement 

For the last few years, we have been operating in a seller-controlled global shipping environment. The Covid-19 pandemic had far-reaching implications, from border closures to container imbalances, and the combination of driver shortages and increasing consumer demand meant it was more expensive than ever to ship goods around the world. 


Expect the unexpected: what’s in store for logistics in 2023

Author’s note: I was asked by Transporeon to look at what is happening in the European transportation market and they provided me with access to their Transporeon Insights market data for additional insights and perspective. This post is an excerpt of my comments from the October 2022 Transporeon Journal video commentary. I encourage you to watch the full video commentary for more insights about the European transportation market.


Living in times of trouble and uncertainty

We have all been living in interesting times since 2020, starting with the COVID-19 pandemic, which is still with us, through the current Russia-Ukraine war. The reality, however, is that uncertainty is not something new that we have to deal with. It has always existed and it is here to stay.

If you work in transportation, you already know this is true. It is a market that goes through cycles continuously, and there are many factors and variables that impact it, many of them outside our direct control.


Transporeon Journal

Use Market Insights like a pro: expert market analysis with Adrian Gonzalez. Transporeon Journal delivers real-time analysis and expert commentary to help you get even more out of the data and maximise current market conditions to your advantage.


Burgo Group & Transporeon

Burgo is a long-established customer who use the extensive product range of Transporeon's digital platform to optimize their logistics operations. We are proud to celebrate our continued partnership with Burgo Group, and have created a video showcasing Burgo's integrated transportation management activities.

How Burgo Group digitizes its logistics
Reduction in waiting times at the loading stations.
Full Truck Loads per day.


Your guide to Market Insights

Watch our video series on Market Insights and unlock data's highest potential. Your Guide to Market Insights is a video library featuring different use cases for Market Insights to help you better understand how to use and get the most value from the platform.

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