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Transportation Pulse Report 2023

Transportation Pulse Report 2023

Our Transportation Pulse Report 2023 – Welcome to the Platform Era offers valuable insights and advice that will help bridge the gap between shippers, carriers and logistics service providers, and their solutions.

Six major themes emerge:

  • Bridging the gap between transportation today and tomorrow
  • A shrinking labor force  
  • Sustainability when making supply chain decisions 
  • Greater customer expectations  
  • Greater collaboration  
  • A new platform era 

Understanding Ocean Freight Handbook

Understanding Ocean Freight Handbook

28 graphs to help you understand the basics of container and maritime transport logistics, including:

  • The basics of container and maritime transport

  • Global container transport networks

  • Ocean carriers and Alliances

  • Rates and contracts

  • Bunker and GHG reduction

Powered by the Network

Powered by the Network

Matching freight demand with capacity is becoming increasingly challenging, especially in today’s volatile environment. Carriers are rejecting up to a quarter of all contract loads, forcing more Shippers into the spot market. The solution to this imbalance is an investment in network-based transport management systems. New technologies make automated freight-matching possible for both Shippers and Carriers at a whole new scale.

This original report includes survey responses from industry insiders and expert analysis from Adrian Gonzalez, President of Adelante SCM. 


How Freight Matching can increase efficiency for Forwarders and Carriers alike

The roads in Europe are filled with trucks, and it will get even busier with road freight volume expected to rise for years to come.

At the same time, 30% of trucks are moving around empty. 20% of these trucks are completely empty, while the remaining 10% is divided across partly empty trucks. There is literally a tonne (or thousands of tonnes) of room for improvement.


The ABC of Freight Matching

Will Freight Matching help me manage my network more efficiently?

Transporeon Freight Matching has been built and designed to help you make the most out of your carrier network and interact with your trusted business partners in a safe and digital environment. It reduces the number of manual interactions and brings more efficiency to your daily operations.


The Next-Gen of ETA Accuracy

The Transporeon Transportation Management Platform has been expanding recently, and this means we can now offer carriers different ways to successfully calculate their ETAs. Many shippers and Carriers rely on RTV offerings from Transporeon Visibility Hub and Logit One because they are great at aggregating telematics, sensor-driven and third-party data. For companies who operate with subcontractors or rely on other companies to execute transports, this type of aggregation is the best and most accurate way to fill in visibility gaps that arise from having data outside your control.


Science-based transportation logistics

Shippers and carriers continue to face major challenges due to a variety of uncertainties plaguing the transportation and logistics industry. Join our masterclass series led by Professor Angela Acocella, Researcher at Tilburg University and the MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics, and designed to support you with optimising your logistics operations – from freight procurement, to transport execution – based on data and scientific research.

Next Generation Freight Forwarding

Martijn Graat, founder of the LogisticsMatter platform, invited our Freight Matching product experts to contribute on some of the biggest questions in transportation right now for another episode of Does LogisticsMatter?

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Next Generation Freight Forwarding

Martijn Graat, founder of the LogisticsMatter platform, invited our Freight Matching product experts to contribute on some of the biggest questions in transportation right now for another episode of Does LogisticsMatter?

Hermann Ude, Transporeon Supervisory Board Chairman and TTS Managing Partner, and  Gruziana Hoxha, Transporeon’s Executive Director Carrier Management, take the guest spotlight for a conversation dedicated to the role of digitalization in logistics, the power of data and close collaboration, and what’s in store for the next generation of freight forwarders.

Automation cuts costs and simplifies communication with carriers

Transporeon has simplified and sped up processes. A cost-effective way to simplify their interaction with carriers has proven essential. Barilla relies on Transporeon for Transportation Execution and Time Slot Management, simplifying and speeding up processes as the company grew. It also made it easy to exchange information with carriers (many of whom use Transporeon themselves).

Digitalization is the secret ingredient that keeps your pasta fresh
How Transporeon makes business operations run smoothly
of CO2 emissions cut in 10 years per ton of finished product.
In 2012, Barilla switched to Transporeon and the SAP configuration.

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