Digitalization is the secret ingredient that keeps your pasta fresh

About Barilla

Founded in 1877, family-run food company Barilla is a world leader in Italian products such as pasta, bread and sauces. Having access to reliable, real-time transport data is one of the essential ingredients required for getting two million tons of food onto kitchen tables in across 100 countries, every year. The company has a special attention for sustainability.

In 2020, Barilla replaced road transports headed for Germany with three dedicated trains from Parma in Italy to UIm for 70% of its products. This means 5000 less trucks on the road and 6000 tons less of CO2 per year.

Going forward, Barilla will continue to swap fossil fuels for bio-energy and deepen its engagement with the circular economy in support of European-wide initiatives to dramatically reduce CO2 emissions by 2030.

We witnessed many improvements since implementing Transporeon solutions. Waiting times reduced. Efficiency increased. Internal storage capacity went up. Our transformation process was built around the platform because we knew it could support it. Transporeon is an important piece in the puzzle.

Gianluigi Mason

Director of Logistics Italy at Barilla

The challenge  

With lead times of 24-48 hours, logistics is crucial.

When success depends on shipping 250,000 truckloads of dry and fresh goods each year, logistics earns a seat at the head of the table. Delivering against lead times of between 24-48 hours means one thing is certain despite market fluctuations: today’s task is to plan tomorrow’s loads.

The journey

The ability to upgrade without disruption.

Barilla needed to redesign its network, shifting to using more internal warehouses; Transporeon’s technology provided the capacity for Barilla to upgrade without disruption – keeping pace with the ever-changing needs of the business. Transporeon’s global coverage made it easy to achieve Barilla’s desired European scope process optimization, and Transporeon is used in all locations.

Solution and benefits

Transporeon has simplified and sped up processes.

A cost-effective way to simplify their interaction with carriers has proven essential. Barilla relies on Transporeon for Transportation Execution and Time Slot Management, simplifying and speeding up processes as the company grew. It also made it easy to exchange information with carriers (many of whom use Transporeon themselves).

Facts and Figures

devoted to transport.
logistics budget.


More solutions to support green logistics

Ready to discover your missing ingredient? Our world-beating suite of Transport Execution and Yard Management solutions are just a conversation away.

Transport Execution Hub

No-Touch Order

No-Touch Order
  • Automated shipment execution processes.
  • Fewer empty runs.
  • Cut process costs by up to 30%.

Dock & Yard Management Hub

Time Slot Management

Time Slot Management
  • Full transparency of delivery and pick-up times for all parties 
  • Efficient use of resources due to the even and predictable distribution of loadings and unloadings
  • Reduction of waiting times for trucks by up to 40%
  • Audit-proof and legal compliance through fully documented processes
  • Quick response and operational optimization through fast communication and real-time data