Standard Contractual Clauses

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1. What are the SCCs?

Standard contractual clauses (SCCs) are standardized and pre-approved model data protection clauses issued by the European Commission that allow parties to comply with their obligations under EU data protection law. SCCs are incorporated into your main commercial agreement by reference.

2. Why is my company requested to conclude/ update the SCCs?

Transporeon is subject to the GDPR rules on transfer of personal data to countries outside of the European Economic Area. Since your company is located outside of the EEA and can access personal data of European users and/ or drivers on the Platform, concluding/ updating the SCC will enable Transporeon to facilitate such access/ exchange for your company to ensure a continued and uninterrupted work on the Platform with your colleagues and counterparties. If your company had already concluded the SCCs with us before 27 September 2021, there is a legal obligation to update the version to the latest SCCs as adopted by the European Commission (see the actual version below in multiple languages).

3. Can the text of the SCCs be changed?

The content of the SCCs cannot be changed and has to be implemented by the parties in the version adopted by the European Commission (see below in various languages).

4. What are the advantages in concluding/ updating the SCCs?

You company can uninterruptedly use the Platform and communicate with users and/ or drivers.

5. What is the duration of the SCC?

The SCCs are concluded for the duration of the main commercial agreement with Transporeon.

6. Do you have more questions?

See further details here.

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