Assignment solutions FOR CARRIERS AND LSPS

The right carrier for the right shipment

Eliminate all the manual communication, select the most suitable option, and assign freight to the ideal partner under the best conditions — every time!

Securing capacity and finding the right carrier for the right shipment and the right price is one of the biggest challenges in today's highly volatile and crisis-shaken transportation market.

Benefit from our easy-to-use assignment methods and intelligent automation — from contracted strategic freight assignment to dynamic, AI-fueled spot buying — and everything in between.

Discover our solutions

We offer different solutions that enable you to react to multiple scenarios and market conditions in a highly flexible way, enabling you to unlock the capacity potential in your network and helping you to better organize your freight on a global scale. Eliminate all the manual communication, select the best suitable option and assign freight to the ideal partner under the best conditions - always!

Facts and Figures

Cut process costs by
Cut freight costs by

Execute contracted freight seamlessly 

Up to 90% of transports are currently still being handled manually via telephone, email and even fax. Manually assigning the transports under the best possible conditions is very time-consuming and requires a huge amount of work.

With No-Touch Order, you can automatically transfer transports to your contracted carriers with just one click. Make use of intelligent transport allocation rules for your routing guide to quickly determine available capacities and jump on the dynamic spot market whenever necessary.  Increase your process efficiency with the available extra modules like real time visibility, surcharge management, and transport documents management.

  • Assign transports to contracted carriers with just one click
  • Automate transport allocation and price calculation
  • Reduce process costs by up to 30%
  • Simple and fast integration

Leverage Available Capacity

Allocating transports on the spot market requires an enormous manual effort since many carriers need to be contacted individually, most often by telephone or e-mail.

With Best Carrier, you can receive available spot shipments from across your entire network in one place. Share your spot request with your trusted network with one single click and let incoming offers arrive automatically. Make efficient use of the available loading space in your network and significantly reduce costs. Best Carrier enables you to actively utilize empty kilometers with no additional effort.

  • Highly automated transport allocations
  • Rapid response to freight market fluctuations
  • Transport costs savings of up to 10%
  • Reduction of empty runs by up to 13%

Next Level Spot Buying

Welcome to a new era of spot buying.

Autonomous procurement redefines the spot process and uses AI and behavioral science to bring advanced optimization into the freight sourcing process. Transform your spot buying processes from manual to fully automated, with our no-touch order process.

Instead of asking for bids, science-based spot offers are sent to carriers, massively speeding up acceptance with an instant matching walk-away price. Artificial Intelligence and optimization is leveraged to help teams with tasks that are better left to machines, while humans maintain control and can focus on the tasks that matter most.

  • Up to 12% reduction of buying rates, using your trusted carrier base
  • Improve back-end office processes and productivity rates of your planner team
  • Gain insights into market behavior and trends and become a more strategic spot freight buyer
Transporeon Platform

One platform for all your shipments

Being part of our cloud-based transportation management platform gives you unmatched opportunities to improve transparency, save costs, reduce the number of empty trucks, cut waiting times, and enable efficient and fully digital end-to-end processes.

We offer our solutions portfolio to all parties in the logistics supply chain — shippers, suppliers, retailers, goods recipients and carriers — in order to enable shared efficiencies among all players. Having the largest data set in the industry and continuously applying the latest technology (such as AI-powered algorithms), enables all network users to continually optimize their processes through each transport cycle.

  • Largest transportation network connecting 1,300+ active global shippers and retailers with 145,000+ carriers
  • We cover the full source-to-pay cycle including procurement, execution, market intelligence,  real-time visibility and payment services


Four steps to smart transport assignment and execution

The way we use the spot market has changed. Get smarter about how you plan and execute transports with a highly flexible assignment strategy. Work your way through our four simple steps to define your perfect mix of contract volumes and spot buying.


Science-based transportation logistics with Professor Angela Acocella

Shippers and carriers continue to face major challenges due to a variety of uncertainties plaguing the transportation and logistics industry.

Join our masterclass series led by Professor Angela Acocella, Researcher at Tilburg University and the MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics, and designed to support you with optimising your logistics operations – from freight procurement, to transport execution – based on data and scientific research.


What our clients say 

Creating value throughout the organization.

We have achieved our goals: streamlining administrative processes, making these processes more transparent, and increasing the performance of our network.  

Zsolt Udvari
Supply Chain Manager, Borealis L.A.T

Thanks to Transporeon we can have more carriers in our pool. Transport prices are lower and now we do not have problems finding a carrier to deliver our goods. Also our daily communication has improved and the transfer of information is faster.

Miklós Papp
Logistics Manager, Mondi Bags Hungary

Now we have way more control over our transports – we know our orders are being placed with the right carriers, we’re cutting our CO2 emissions, and we’re achieving new levels of operational efficiency at our sites.

Frank van Herk,

Logistics Manager, Griffith Foods

Thanks to Transporeon, we have been able to create transparency for our entire network, bringing the previously overwhelming volume of emails under control and rationalizing our flow of goods.

Oliver Krause
Global Category Manager Logistics Services, Beiersdorf

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Explore more of our digital freight solutions

Together our products work in harmony to increase transport efficiency along the full lifecycle of freight activities.

Freight Sourcing Hub

Autonomous Procurement

Autonomous Procurement
  • Automates procurement using data and behavioural science.
  • Analyses how carriers make pricing decisions.
  • Achieves requested capacity at lower freight rates for road transports.
  • Fully automated process of predicting, framing offers, and concluding assignments.
  • Entirely carrier specific and automated process.

Transport Execution Hub

Best Carrier

Best Carrier
  • Access the spot market more easily.
  • Cut transaction costs by up to 19%.
  • React quickly to market fluctuations.
  • Improve process efficiency with better integrations.
  • Cloud-based system provides real-time transparency.

Transport Execution Hub

No-Touch Order

No-Touch Order
  • Automated shipment execution processes.
  • Fewer empty runs.
  • Cut process costs by up to 30%.

Transport Execution Hub

Freight Matching

Freight Matching
  • Maximize profitability and productivity by equipping your teams to utilize available capacity opportunities within your trusted network, faster.
  • Enable your carriers to realize their full potential by matching with the loads that are right for them.
  • Manage your carrier relationships with more transparency from increased number of data points.
  • Stay in control of your shipments and provide end-to-end visibility to your customers, and eradicate check calls.
  • Reduce manual effort, and increase accuracy with full digitalization.