Webinar Series:

Cost-effective transport assignment
with corridor-based data insights

The right transport assignment mix reduces risk in volatile markets, help increase flexibility and offer savings potential. Our webinar series aims to give every logistics professional the insight necessary for a savvy assignment strategy:

  • Know when to use spot-market assignment or rely on fixed-price contracts
  • Understand which lanes are attractive on the spot market and which are not
  • Make sure to secure all the capacity you need at the very best price and at the right time

Each webinar combines theory with practice:

  • Explore what’s happening with freight prices and transport capacities on specific European lanes
  • Examine some real-world applications, considering why carriers offer lower rates at certain times on certain lanes

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Benelux-France lanes

Germany's inland lanes

Germany-Netherlands lanes

France's inland lanes

Italy-Germany lanes

Germany-Poland lanes