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Sustainability made Simple

Sustainability made Simple

Confused by sustainability jargon? We joined forces with Smart Freight Centre and Accenture and put together a dictionary that demystifies key terms around environmental impact and decarbonisation, within this dynamic industry. 

From Carbon Border Tax to Well-to-wheel, Sustainability made Simple offers 49 easy-to-understand definitions, which will empower you and your business to go green! 

Download it now and take your first step toward sustainability literacy.

Transportation Pulse Report 2024

Transportation Pulse Report 2024

Prepare for dark clouds on the horizon.


Find out from industry experts why automation, real-time insights and collaboration are more important than ever to prepare and respond effectively to the challenges ahead.


Adrian Gonzalez has curated a comprehensive view of the industry's trajectory, using exclusive insights gained from interviews at Transporeon Summit 2023.


The Greening Freight Package and how to deal with it

The Greening Freight Package and how to deal with it

In July, the Greening Freight Transport Package (GFP) was launched by the European Commission. This initiative will drive major shifts in the logistics industry, with the aim to reduce road transport emissions significantly.


Tune into this webinar for:


  • Annika Kroon’s (Directorate for Mobility and Transport at the European Commission) factual introduction to the European Commission initiative
  • A panel session for guest speakers’ and Transporeon customers’ immediate reflections in response to Annika’s explanation
  • Deep dives on how to address emissions calculations and optimise your fleet operations with our market-leading digital transport solutions

Are you Fit for 55?

Are you Fit for 55?

The European Union’s plan to cut CO2 emissions by at least 55% by 2030 is set to go into effect in 2023. This ambitious target — part of the overall European Green Deal — requires both strategic and technical shifts for transport and logistics organizations.

Plan ahead and determine which tools you need to help you measure and reduce your CO2 emissions. Join the Carbon Intelligence Mastermind community to download the checklist.

Decarbonizing Freight 2022

Decarbonizing Freight 2022

Get fresh insight into:

  • The shift in attitude towards sustainability from companies responsible for scope 1 emissions

  • Preferred alternatives to fossil fuels – and analysis into how these choices are being formed

  • Sustainability trailblazers’ perspectives on routes to decarbonizing freight and achieving sustainability targets

The Road to Net Zero

The Road to Net Zero

The European Union has set a goal to be climate neutral by 2050. Today, road freight accounts for 20% of all CO2 emissions from transport in Europe, and is still growing.


This in-depth report is the result of expert interviews with supply chain leaders who share their outlook on how we can meet the EU’s 2050 goal as well as focus on immediate steps for today and tomorrow.


CO2 Emissions: collaborate to calculate

Over the course of the coming months, Transporeon will host and curate Carbon Intelligence Mastermind, a global community focused on helping the transport sector meet the challenges of reaching Net Zero. We’ll be doing a lot more than kicking the tires – Carbon Intelligence Mastermind is about carrying out a full service and overhauling your organization’s emissions strategy.


Carbon Intelligence Mastermind – a new movement for leaders in sustainability

In October 2022, we introduced Carbon Intelligence Mastermind. This initiative represents a new approach for transportation professionals who are looking to navigate the sustainability landscape. The ‘Mastermind’, as we fondly refer to it, is a dynamic community coupled with an empowering knowledge base. Being part of the community includes access to regular events featuring industry experts – opportunities to come together and exchange insights in order to define best practices on how we can advance carbon emissions management in transportation.


Building an ecosystem to optimize and digitize the supply chain for sustainable mobility

Sustainability is hugely important to the logistics industry. Transport accounts for around 20% of global carbon dioxide emissions, while a report from the international organization Paris Process on Mobility and Climate (PPMC) says truck transports specifically account for one-quarter of global transport energy use. 

Carbon Intelligence Mastermind

A new movement for sustainability leaders

Join our brand-new community of sustainability, transportation, and supply chain experts at the forefront of green logistics, and discover the resources that will help you to measure, manage and reduce your carbon footprint in the most efficient and transparent way across the entire supply chain, including all transport modes and flows.

Logistics Sustainability Month #GreenerLogistics

In March 2022, we delivered another unmissable virtual programme of events packed with game-changing sustainability initiatives. Following a super successful debut event back in 2021, even more of the industry attended this year to benefit from front row access as our customers, partners and colleagues unveiled the latest sustainability innovations in logistics.

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You can’t manage what you can’t measure

Up-and-coming regulations imposed by the EU signify a need for certified, accurate emissions calculations. To get ahead of the curve and build on existing work to measure emissions, Girteka and Ikea participated in a trial using Transporeon’s Carbon Visibility tool to test how data quality would impact overall emissions reporting. Results showed that the higher the quality of your data, the more accurate your emissions reporting will be – and when you report less, you pay less.

IKEA & Girteka
When opting to use more detailed data to calculate emissions, businesses open the door to accurate emissions figures, improved emissions transparency and cost savings.
number of tracked transports (Full Truck Loads).
average well-to-wheel emissions.
CO2 emissions for multimodal transports.

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