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The AI-enabled spot tool that will help you reduce your spot buying spend.



What is TNX logistics?

TNX is a turn-key data science platform for road transport. Our software automates procurement using data and behavioral science to achieve lower freight rates.

We study how carriers make their pricing decisions, in order to nudge them towards lower rates. And we use data science for carrier profiling, price predictions, and spot pricing tactics. 

The Problem

Spot pricing happens. The best procurement teams prepare for it while also working to avoid it. 

Pricing is the lever with the highest impact on profit, but people aren't calculators. Tracking and exploiting spot market dynamics is beyond human scale, it’s almost impossible to do regularly. 

The goal

Get the best spot prices every time, in the most efficient method possible.

The solution is to work with TNX logistics


How it works

We play the data

A market as large and fragmented as road transport is fertile ground for machine learning. We use a portfolio of techniques to identify and exploit patterns.

We frame the decision maker

As long as people are in the loop, you get an advantage from designing for them: we use behavioral science to steer the user in the right direction.


The results

  • 90% Automatic matching
  • 20%+ Increase in spot loads per planner
  • 60min Average time to match
  • Typical average sustainable spend reduction of 7-12%
  • Costs and operational improvements support resilience and help to fashion a competitive edge in the face of a changing market

The benefits

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7-12% reduction of buying rates while using exactly the same carriers

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Productivity boost through unprecedented automation and guidance, increasing loads booked per person per day

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Carrier satisfaction by opening up greater volume and revenue for the best carriers based solely on merit

The opportunity

Recent investments in data infrastructure have now opened a window for more comprehensive pricing transformation, and everyone who has the right budget is gearing up in this space. A market as large and fragmented as road transport is fertile ground for machine learning. It will be prudent to get in on the trend now as an early adopter.  

Strategy by people, tactics by software

The future is for people to orchestrate rather than micromanage spot buying.

TNX Logistics: Procurement through science


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TNX supports two channels: a carrier portal and a procurement guidance site for spot planners.
Carrier Portal - Cost effective infrastructure for carrier communication. Spot team Site - Procurement guidance for the team.