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Benetton Group

Comparability of offers and transparency


Benetton Group is one of the most famous fashion companies in the world, present in the main markets with a commercial network of about 5,000 stores; a responsible Group that plans the future and lives in its time, caring about the environment, the dignity of people and the transformations of society.
The Group has a consolidated identity of style, color, authentic fashion, quality which is offered for democratic prices, passion: values that are reflected in the strong and dynamic personality of United Colors of Benetton and Sisley.

We wanted to have a structured, competitive and fast online tool for benchmarking and scouting and this wish has been satisfied by the Ticontract platform.

Valentino Soldan, Head of Logistic
Benetton Group 


  • Need to benchmark the tariff status with logistics operators
  • The customer wanted to execute a carrier scouting process to get in touch with new  players
  • Need to execute structured tenders
  • Shorten the time taken to analyze collected data 
  • Achieve the ability to compare received offers 


To tackle these challenges, Benetton Group has chosen the Ticontract platform, a lean and flexible tool that allows the Group to execute logistic tenders at the most appropriate times and this makes it possible to grab opportunities that the market offers day by day. Thanks to the comprehensive database of carriers and the effective RFI system, Benetton Group has been able to select new partners to integrate and interact with in the subsequent phases of the tender. 
Finally, the powerful analysis tool allows the Group to analyze in detail and in a very short time each offer received, then create ad hoc scenarios based on the strategic needs of allocation. 
Benetton Group has been using the Ticontract tool for more than four years now, both for all maritime flows in full containers and for air transport.  



Very fast collection of offers and supplier feedback increase the competitiveness of partners

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The standardized management of information allows for comparability

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Structured management and stability of tariffs with subsequent measurable savings

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Improved tender performance and more data reliability