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Carbon Intelligence Mastermind

A Community of Trendsetters Towards Net Zero Freight Transport

Carbon Intelligence Mastermind is a community of sustainability experts and trendsetters heading towards greener freight transportation. 

We share ideas and actionable strategies that help companies measure, manage and reduce their carbon footprint in the most efficient and transparent way across the entire supply chain including all transport modes and flows.​ 

Community members will have exclusive access to various masterclasses, discussion panels, expert articles and case studies about sustainability topics planned for release in the coming months.

Why join Carbon Intelligence Mastermind? 

  • Be part of a community at the forefront of sustainability in transportation 
  • Get access to actionable knowledge to make your logistics operations greener 
  • Be better prepared to react to environmental regulations and move towards net zero freight transports 
  • Get early access to the most advanced carbon emissions management tool in the market and help to shape future development 

Join the movement and lead the way towards more sustainable freight transportation. 

MARCH 2023

Community meetup: Getting primary data for scope 3 emissions

Our first meetup was part of an engaging series of events, allowing future sustainability leaders to learn and connect with one another together with our experts from Transporeon. We talked about the power of primary data in decarbonisation, looked at the status quo of carbon measurement and discussed the challenges that need to be tackled in the future.  
For our second community meetup, we will go even deeper into the topic of scope 3 emissions. Hosted by Jakob Muus, Director of Transporeon's Sustainability Tribe and Anna Reuttner, Sustainability Domain Expert, we promise this live session will be something that you won’t want to miss! 

Join our community and attend our second meetup on 13 April at 14:00 CET. 

MARCH 2023

Special masterclass: Freight decarbonisation and the golden ticket theory

In this Special Logistics Sustainability Month Edition Masterclass, we were joined by David Cebon, Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Cambridge, Pieter Leonard, Chair of Efficient and Low Emission Assets and Energy at ALICE, and Thomas Fabian, Director Commercial Vehicles at the European Automobile Manufactures’ Association (ACEA), to discuss questions like: What can we expect from the electrification of fleets and when we can expect them? What else needs to be considered to reach net zero? How to reduce CO2 emissions based on the knowledge derived from CO2 accounting and alternative fuel sources?


Anti-Greenwashing Masterclass

Sustainability as a theme was set aside as the Covid-19 pandemic burst onto the scene in 2020. Carriers and 3PLs alike cashed in during what we can only qualify as the gold rush. As their new-found wealth was spent on expanding geographical footprints and extending functionality reach, sustainability seemed an afterthought. Most recently a big name in Logtech raised nearly $100m on the back of sustainability, yet they aren't even GLEC accredited.

This time, Director of Transporeon's Sustainability Tribe, Jakob Muus and Anthony Miller, Independent Logistics Marketing Consultant talked about anti-greenwashing in transportation and logistics. Watch the recording and learn how to make informed decisions and implement green initiatives to avoid misleading environmental claims and foster a truly sustainable supply chain.

Join the community to watch the session again in full.


Kick-off Masterclass: CO2 emissions - You can't manage what you can't track

Hosted by Jakob Muus, Director of Transporeon's Sustainability Tribe, and joined by experts Dr. Louise De Tremerie, Transport Policy Advisor at the European Parliament and Marc Issel, former Head of Carbon Intelligence at Planetly, the Kick-off Masterclass explained why and how transport businesses will benefit from carbon accounting. Wish you’d been there? Join the community to watch the session again in full.

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Listen to expert talks on how decarbonize your freight

Tyler Cole, host of FreightWaves’ Net-Zero Carbon podcast, and Scott Mears, host of Roambee’s Supply Chain Technology podcast, invited our sustainability experts for a series of discussions on carbon visibility and sustainable freight in supply chains. Tune in to learn more about freight decarbonization and how to go carbon neutral.

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Systemic Sustainability with Transporeon | Part 4

Climate change is top of mind for many freight and logistics leaders. As customers and regulators demand action, logistics service providers are on the hook to deliver. Listen to Tyler Cole, Georgia Leybourne and Hermann Ude discuss the inherent risks and opportunities of energy transition within freight ecosystems. From increasing digitisation and asset efficiency to sharing experiences and knowledge in events like March's Logistics Sustainability Month, Transporeon is focused on delivering sustainability through its platform.

Featured guests:

  • Georgia Leybourne, Chief Marketing Officer at Trasporeon
  • Hermann Ude, Chairman of the Board at Transporeon

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Supply Chain Tech Podcast with Roambee

It’s so much easier than you might think for logistics professionals to measure CO2 and keep customers up to date with progress and improvements. With the help of Transporeon Carbon Intelligence, you’re in pole position for getting ahead of CO2 regulations, as well as gaining a better understanding of your own emissions.

What are the benefits of measuring emissions accurately?

  • Keep pace with mandatory legislation
  • See in black and white where you’ve made improvements
  • Map changes achieved by your organisation over time based on real data
  • Communicate progress to your customers with confidence

Watch on YouTube or choose the platform below.

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Carbon Visibility in supply chains | Part 3

It’s time to explore in detail the Transporeon Carbon Visibility solution as the pursuit for net zero in European logistics is ignited by new pressure to meet demanding legislation. In this straight-talking session, Jakob and Stephan assess the value of data-driven logistics and decision-making, and the role of technology in making positive shifts towards a greener future.

Tune in via FreightWaves TV, or find the podcast via your favourite podcast streaming platform.  

Guests featured: 

  • Stephan Sieber, Chief Executive Officer, Transporeon 

  • Jakob Muus, Head of Transporeon Sustainability Hub, Transporeon

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How to build a sustainable freight ecosystem | Part 2

In the second instalment of this two-part episode, experts Serge Schamshula, Dr. Louise De Tremerie and Professor Alan McKinnon expand on guidance for shippers and carriers up against new mandates to achieve net zero logistics.  

Tune in via FreightWaves TV, or find the podcast via your favourite podcast streaming platform. 

Guests featured: 

  • Serge Schamschula, Senior Partner Manager at Transporeon 

  • Dr. Louise De Tremerie, Transport Policy Advisor at European Parliament  

  • Alan McKinnon, Professor of Logistics at Kuehne Logistics University

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The What and Why of sustainable freight | Part 1

In this cosy chat, the only thing missing is a real fire. Experts in the field where sustainability meets transportation and logistics, Serge Schamschula, Dr. Louise De Tremerie and Professor Alan McKinnon set the scene in part one of two episodes discussing the current state of play. Swot up on the academics’ perspective and recap compliance regulations coming into force in 2023: this episode focuses on the urgent realities of climate change, the tightening regulations around transportation emissions, and the challenges facing freight market participants in shifting to a low-carbon business environment.

Tune in via FreightWaves TV, or find the podcast via your favourite podcast streaming platform. 

Guests featured: 

  • Serge Schamschula, Head of Ecosystem at Transporeon 

  • Dr. Louise De Tremerie, Transport Policy Advisor at European Parliament  

  • Alan McKinnon, Professor of Logistics at Kuehne Logistics University 


Are you Fit for 55?

The European Union’s plan to cut CO2 emissions by at least 55% by 2030 is set to go into effect in 2023. This ambitious target — part of the overall European Green Deal — requires both strategic and technical shifts for transport and logistics organizations. Plan ahead and determine which tools you need to help you measure and reduce your CO2 emissions. Join the Carbon Intelligence Mastermind Community to download the checklist.


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