Increase customer satisfaction with transparent shipment visibility

Track shipments. React quickly. Improve customer service.

Shipment visibility makes logistics processes transparent and delivers new levels of insight into global supply chains. Track and trace deliveries on their way to the customer—from collection to end-point delivery. Carriers can immediately report any delays before they’re even noticed and every step is documented. Carriers use this information as proof of delivery, and shippers use it to improve customer service, measure performance and evaluate suppliers.

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The advantages of digital shipment visibility

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Transparent order tracking

Regular status messages are used to track and trace shipments.

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Increased customer satisfaction

Transportation visibility allows the goods recipient/ship-to party to better adjust to possible delays and improve inbound planning.

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Optimized customer service

Enhances the ability to provide information and customer communication. The shipper can react faster and more flexibly to unforeseen delivery events. Improves delivery performance.

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Meaningful reporting

Documentation of actual delivery times enables delivery performance optimization.

Primary Features

Different options for status delivery

Status messages can be sent by smartphone via the Transporeon app, the platform, or the telematics system of the truck being used for transportation.

Flexible access to status information

Status information reaches the carrier’s and shipper’s dispatchers by email, via the Transporeon platform or via an interface to their own ERP system.

Reliable information about arrival and unloading times

View regular status reports from carriers about expected arrival times, unloading times and delays due, for example, to traffic jams. Email alerts can be issued for delays. On request, this information can also be provided to the customer.

Integration of the goods recipient

Automated notifications about delivery status ensure a direct and fast flow of information to the customer.

Reminder and alert function

Automated status reminders can be sent individually.

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