Transporeon ERP integration

The missing piece of the puzzle in your ERP system

Companies that use an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system – provided by SAP, Oracle, Microsoft or another proprietary solution – know that ERP solutions are powerful tools, but often have gaps and limitations in certain areas. It’s crucial to be able to assign shipments to your service providers or book time slots in a dock scheduling system while also being able to connect and communicate regularly with your carriers. Most ERP systems lack this critical functionality.

Close the gaps with a collaborative Transporeon ERP interface that offers full connectivity and will complete your ERP solution like a missing piece of the puzzle. The interface connects your ERP system to one of the largest logistics networks worldwide – and includes support, onboarding and training for your carriers. Fast, simple and efficient.

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Benefits of ERP integration

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Connect to external logistics service providers in a simple way

Connect your ERP system to the Transporeon platform and benefit from innovation, productivity, special modules and comprehensive service.

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Create workflows across different companies

Continue to use your ERP solution for managing your internal processes. Transporeon provides the connection to your carriers and manages support.

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Source and assign shipments in the ERP system

The ERP software interface allows you to use your ERP system to edit calls for bids, assign shipments, schedule time slots and transmit them to your carriers. Transporeon will channel all feedback back to your ERP system.

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Minimize required project effort

Take advantage of our years of experience in integrating our logistics solutions with virtually every ERP system.

Which ERP interface do you need?

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Add-on for SAP

Integrate the functionalities of our logistics software seamlessly into your SAP system - without interfaces, middleware or integration…

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Oracle Integration

Carrier connectivity: As an Oracle Gold Partner, we enable the smooth OTM connection of your carriers through our logistics platforms.

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SAP Integration

Optimize your processes by linking our logistics platform to your SAP landscape. Close functional gaps quickly, easily and efficiently.

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