Ticontract Billing provides insight into freight cost accounting

Ticontract Billing is automated freight bill audit at the touch of a button. All freight invoice elements are analyzed quickly and reliably, and any price variations are clarified with the carrier via the platform in the shortest possible time. Nothing stands in the way of rapid invoice processing and unmatched transparency for both shippers and carriers. Ticontract Billing automatically creates credit notes and transmits finished documents directly to the appropriate carrier, significantly reducing the effort involved in freight settlement. For shippers, carriers and all other involved parties, Ticontract Billing reduces manual workload, accelerates payment processes, and saves time and costs.

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Advantages of automated freight bill audit with Ticontract Billing

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Comprehensive control over freight spend

All information on the freight order is stored on the platform. This data is automatically used for freight cost accounting.

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100% automated freight invoice verification and release

It’s no longer necessary to outsource billing processes to specialized service providers, which can effectively reduce your transportation costs.

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Simple credit note procedure

All elements of the consignment list are stored in the system, so credit notes can be created automatically. No further need for manual effort and control.

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Time savings for shippers and carriers

Get automated freight invoice verification and associated communication at the push of a button. Requires minimal effort from shippers and carriers.

Extensive functions for automated freight invoice auditing

Credit note procedure

Automated evaluation of shipment data and creation of credit memo documents.

Clarification process for freight settlement

Potential cost variations are clarified with the carrier via the system in the shortest possible time.

Data transfer from third-party systems

Invoice release and shipment data can be transferred from ERP and other logistics systems.

Definition of price ranges

Cost variances from negotiated freight rates can be defined.

Automatic rate verification from Rate Management

Freight rates stored in Rate Management are used for automated invoice verification.

Freight cost statements are transmitted within the system

All relevant elements of the consignment list are documented in the system and are analyzed quickly and seamlessly.

Customer references

What customers say about Ticontract Billing

Since we have been using Billing, everything has gone very quickly with our freight invoices. Our carriers are very satisfied and we are right on schedule with our freight costs."

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