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Transporeon’s core competency is listening to the market and developing logistics platforms and logistics software to deliver the supply chain solutions required for excellence in transportation sourcing, execution and management. Our cloud-based managed platforms help you to collaborate easily and focus on your business without having to develop and maintain your own transportation management system or achieve your own carrier integration. This is what we call “the platform effect,” which is the external benefit of all our solutions, giving you even more:

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Connectivity and logistics managed services

Along with managing our platforms, Transporeon connects you with your carriers and provides free-of-charge shipper support along with carrier onboarding, training and support in all key languages. Everything is cloud-based, so you never have to worry about servers and other hardware.

Network expertise

When you want to take your logistics to the next level, our local experts across the network are ready to lend you a hand. In addition to collaborating with Transporeon professionals, you have the opportunity to network and exchange ideas with other logistics leaders during Transporeon-hosted national and international community events, and with user groups all over the world.

Transport market intelligence

Transporeon logistics platforms give you instant access to valuable transportation market intelligence services, powered by big data in logistics. You can use our data-driven logistics products for your benefit and benchmark against the world’s largest collection of information from logistics peers.

Continuous improvement and gravity

New innovations become available through Transporeon logistics platforms every six weeks. Every time a new shipper, carrier and retailer joins up, the network becomes larger and, while the community is growing, additional functionalities are added. This guarantees you always benefit from best practices and state-of-the-art performance in supply chain solutions.

Our platforms


The Transporeon platform provides solutions for the entire supply chain and beyond. 

The Ticontract platform offers solutions for online freight sourcing and efficient cost management.

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