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This year has been marked by uncertainty and volatility, especially within the transportation market. Capacity shortages in early 2020 in some sectors resulted in significant overcapacity before returning to previous year’s levels in Q2/Q3.

A number of shippers have put their sourcing activities on hold. But after a long period of uncertainty, many carriers are actively seeking long-term contracts. That means the conditions are favorable to scout the market, especially if you are experiencing any disruptions on your usual lanes with your incumbent carriers. Earmarking new carriers can stimulate competition within your network, leading to improved prices and services.

Let us help you secure your 2021 capacity now and show you how many new carriers you could add to your network.

Carriers are looking for new partners like you — find them now!

We are offering you a free freight Request for Information (RFI).  With over 45,000 registered logistics service providers and carriers in our database, covering all transportation modes (air, ocean, road and rail), we are certain we can help you find new partners who meet your criteria.

Here's how it works:

  • A member of our team will work with you to understand the requirements your suppliers have to fulfill
  • We will design a customized RFI and launch it on the Ticontract platform
  • We will prepare a report summarizing the results and showing you how many potential new partners match your needs

5 Reasons Why You Should Start Working with Ticontract Now

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Carriers are actively looking for long-term contracts

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There is still available capacity in Q4

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Our carrier database has over 45,000 registered carriers

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You set your own criteria and let our system identify the best matches for you

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Increasing your carrier pool stimulates competition in your network, driving better prices and services

Companies benefitting from Ticontract Sourcing & Procurement

Transporeon offered a service we were in desperate need of for a good price, and has greatly improved our processes and reduced our capacity risk, even in this current challenging environment."

Sean Smith, Supply Chain Director


Since 2015, we have been tendering for air, sea, and land freight worldwide via Ticontract. As a result, we have increased speed and significantly reduced administrative expenses. In addition, we can ensure that all internal requirements and compliance guidelines are met."

Sarah Rebstein, Freight & Logistics Services Purchasing
ZF Friedrichshafen AG


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Our previous sourcing tool did not offer the flexibility to create sourcing events tailored to our unique business requirements. On top of that, we now have access to powerful tools to analyze a huge amount of data in a relatively short period of time."

Brandon Clark, Manager — Global Transportation


We have achieved our goals: streamlining administrative processes, making these processes more transparent, and increasing the performance of our network."

Zsolt Udvari, Supply Chain Manager
Borealis L.A.T 


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We wanted to have a structured, competitive and fast online tool for benchmarking and scouting and this wish has been satisfied by the Ticontract platform."

Valentino Soldan, Head of Logistic
Benetton Group 


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