Selecting a partner for dock scheduling systems

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Criteria for selecting a dock scheduling partner include the features and distribution of the system, along with the vendor’s international and project management experience.

When selecting a vendor, consider several aspects before implementation. In addition to the features of the system, it is important to research what your carriers and shippers are utilizing. The system should not only support your own process, but be compatible with the carrier and shippers’ system and process. It is also important that the dock scheduling vendor have sufficient project management and implementation experience.

Dock scheduling partner selection criteria

  • Choose a system with a proven track record with both shippers and carriers alike.
  • Take into account the vendor’s international experience – a vendor with a strong international presence has solved a wide variety of dock scheduling requirements: In which countries and languages will you need support?
  • Choose a system that can be easily integrated to your transportation sourcing, freight assignment and reporting systems.
  • Some systems are part of a comprehensive logistics platform, providing additional, customizable functional modules.
  • In addition to freight booking features, systems may offer other features to streamline your process such as: transmitting information to and from freight carriers, checklists for securing freight and SMS notifications to the driver indicating a free loading dock.

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