Mid-size carrier uses Transporeon to improve shipper-carrier collaboration

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Iuvo Logistics is a private independent carrier focused on innovative technology. The name says a lot about the company – in Latin, iuvo means “to aid and assist” and this purpose is central to its corporate values. As a U.S.-based mid-size specialty carrier, Iuvo addresses both domestic and international shipping needs with a fleet of flatbed trailers for the steel industry, rollerbed trailers for the airfreight industry and food-grade dry vans. The company works with each client to deliver quality service at a competitive rate.

Responding to customer demand

For Iuvo Logistics, a technology-driven approach has become essential to service customer business. These days it is typical for shipper companies expect carriers to align and interface with the technologies they use for logistics and resource management. However, some carriers—particularly small to mid-size transportation providers—do not have access to an in-house system.

One of Iuvo Logistics’ largest customers is a Tampa-based steel producer that requires the carrier to transport finished steel from plants to various destinations. In 2018, the shipper required Iuvo Logistics to begin communicating and collaborating via the Transporeon platform in order to accept new shipments and book dock scheduling appointments.

Accepting new loads

Responding to this, Iuvo Logistics registered as a carrier on the Transporeon platform, which is not an open freight exchange, but a closed logistics platform requiring an invitation from a shipper. With thousands of orders per month from its steel customer, the cloud-based solution cut the time required to accept shipments. Reviewing current and archived shipment order data is simplified by a powerful Transporeon search function.

“When we want to look something up on the platform, it’s very easy,” says Jeffry L. Hicks, Operations Manager at Iuvo Logistics. “All you need to know is the load number.”

Managing dock scheduling appointments

Using Transporeon Dock Scheduling, the carrier can book digital time slots for outbound loading, which enables efficient preplanning and helps to optimize truck utilization and minimize waiting times.

“This helps with planning out a day or day-and-a-half in advance,” notes Hicks. “We can set appointments more than 24 hours in advance.

If a driver runs behind schedule, misses an appointment and then subsequently misses a backhaul, Hicks calculates that this represents an $1,800 loss for Iuvo Logistics. When loaders and warehouse staff are prepared and fully informed, a faster turnaround is inevitable. Hicks reports that scheduled loads are handled within just one hour. This compares favorably with unscheduled work-in loads, which are likely to take as much as six hours.

“It’s nice to grab blocks of time and it’s easier for the pre-loaders to know what’s coming and the time allowed for it. Warehouse personnel can also prepare the day before,” says Hicks.

Dock Scheduling keeps everyone on schedule, improving the carrier’s bottom line and avoiding substantial losses.

Improving processes

Both carrier and shipper are now working off the same page as they share the same data. Any small change to any order is fully visible to all parties, enabling faster, more transparent communication.

The carrier enjoys many process improvements through better planning and time management, driver progress tracking and easy access to shipment data.

“We have transparent, accurate information about the goods and each journey, and we can go through open bookings to review requirements before the delivery date,” says Hicks. “We can even see at what time a specific truck was loaded, which is very convenient. These days, very little slips through the cracks.”

Looking to the future

“My confidence level in this Transporeon solution is very high,” adds Hicks. “Carrier onboarding was straightforward and we are now realizing new efficiencies in freight assignment, time slot management and progress tracking.”

In future, the carrier plans to extend its use of Transporeon by creating a direct EDI connection to the existing Iuvo Logistics IT system. This will eliminate manual processes and data duplication, reducing the risk of human error. It will also streamline all activities so that Iuvo Logistics can provide a faster, more comprehensive service to its shipper customers.

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