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Trust our logistics expertise – we know what keeps you up at night

We get it. The transportation and logistics world is complex and gets more so every day. Our logistics expertise is enhanced on a daily basis by the collective intelligence and transportation insights of our 100,000-member strong shipper-carrier network. We are happy to share our logistics expertise and knowledge with you.

To get started, you can take advantage of our free publications listed below. More detailed transportation insights are available for users of our logistics platforms and as part of our market intelligence reports. Furthermore, our transportation experts can help you with end-to-end assessments, the design of your logistics network, the execution of complex freight procurement events and much more.

Transporeon Insights

Transporeon Insights provides breaking news and the most recent data observations from our logistics platforms and market intelligence tools, combined with high-quality content such as e-books, blog posts, videos and news content from media partners.

Interesting webinars

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The Cost of Manual Transportation Procurement Processes

Learn how to standardize and centralize key processes for your transportation procurement team

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The USP of real-time visibility in competitive supply chain

Optimize your supply chain with Real Time Visibility by Sixfold

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What value does real-time visibility deliver to SAINT-GOBAIN Isover?

Discover the USP in competitive supply chains and watch our webinar recording.

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Our Blog

Case Studies

Interviews, success stories and videos with our customers

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Agropur masters freight rates for better cost control
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Bekaert Corporation

Bekaert Corporation develops a Controllable Freight Strategy in North America
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Amway finds a better way to procure freight and manage bids
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Iuvo Logistics truck

Iuvo Logistics

Iuvo Logistics realizes new efficiencies in freight assignment and dock scheduling
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