Transporeon at MODEX 2018: Digital logistics solutions

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Visit Booth C1237 to Discover Transportation Systems that Uncover Capacity and Facilitate Better Carrier Collaboration.

Philadelphia, PA—March 28, 2018—Transporeon Group Americas, a global provider of a cloud-based supply chain execution platform encompassing transportation management, carrier sourcing and dock scheduling, will be showcasing solutions at MODEX 2018 that digitally connect shippers and carriers for more intelligent and cost-effective logistics processes. With Transporeon, shippers can leverage smart sourcing methods to secure much-needed capacity alongside robust execution tools to help improve efficiencies within supply chain operations while retaining favorable rates with top-performing carriers.

“Manufacturers are looking for solutions to help speed deliveries, secure capacity and improve communication in order to outperform the competition,” says Ed Moran, managing director and senior vice president of sales and marketing at Transporeon Group Americas. “Being able to strategically manage transportation spend requires a balancing act between granular shipment analysis and global business constraints. In this current challenging market climate, businesses can continue to remain competitive and improve customer service by using innovative digital logistics platforms like Transporeon to source new carriers, minimize costs and increase collaboration across their transportation network.”

In Booth C1237, located in the Transportation & Logistics Solution Center in Hall C, Transporeon will demonstrate:

  • Transporeon Shipment Execution: A fully automated, cloud-based shipment execution platform, Transporeon lowers process costs by up to 30%, freight costs by 19% and waiting times for carriers by 40% by providing functionality for load assignment, dock scheduling, track-and-trace visibility and mobile POD.
  • Ticontract Freight Procurement: Ticontract, a transportation spend management and supplier sourcing e-procurement platform, uncovers hidden carrier capacity with direct access to a qualified database of more than 35,000 logistics service providers while centrally managing RFPs, complex global freight rates and freight bill auditing.

Transporeon Group solutions help address the most critical issues currently causing rate increases for shippers, including tight carrier capacity, driver shortages and increased shipping volumes. Visit Transporeon in Booth C1237 to see how digital transportation solutions can improve efficiency, increase competitive advantage and grow profitability, or access the Transporeon electronic press kit at

MODEX is the expo where manufacturing and supply chain professionals go to find solutions to futureproof their business success. The highly attended conference will be held April 9–12 at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta.

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