Transporeon announces new partnership with Polwax

Transporeon announces successful new partnership with industrial paraffin producer, Polwax

  • The large Polish producer will be working with Transporeon to spearhead improved freight and carrier efficiency by using various modules of the Transporeon platform.

  • The company has been operating as Polwax  for almost ten years now, and as of July they will be working directly with the Transporeon team to drive positive changes. 

  • Sustainability is a major consideration for the company. The lean processes that will be implemented will not only help the company financially but benefit the environment too.

  • By implementing the suggestions and working on a programme of efficiency improvement the goal is reduce costs and increase internal and external cooperation.

June 19, 2021- As of the beginning of August, Transporeon will be working with Polwax to improve their operational efficiency by reducing empty runs. At the same time this will greatly help to reduce their environmental footprint.

Due to an identified need to further increase their efficiency, Polwax has been looking at potential partners to come onboard and help them with improving distribution. That’s where Transporeon will be playing an important role. Specifically, Transporeon will be setting up their main platform which they can use to improve operations. The system will integrate all contract-bound relationships with their carriers and optimize logistics processes at every stage. 

The distinct logistics processes that will be used are numerous and tailored specifically to Polwax. Automatic transport assignment “No-touch Order” will allow dispatchers to assign shipments to carriers automatically at fixed rates making contact by telephone or fax saving redundant time and reducing errors by a considerable margin. This single solution can help save up to 30% on processing costs. Another solution that will be utilized is rate management. Through this, carrier costs will become more transparent and it will be easier to discover competitive providers.

Increasing the sustainability of activities and reducing the environmental impact of operations is one of their prime concerns. By working with Transporeon the company will be able to reduce unnecessary travel such as empty runs and other revenue-costing poor management practices. Digitalization and the possibilities presented by the internet and its ongoing evolution will help connect internal and external partners universally, for them this will be no difference.  Specifically, better exchanging of, sharing and relay of information with carrier partners via the platform will directly translate to better outcomes regarding efficiency and productivity. Improving the interconnectedness of their departments, business partners, and other stakeholders throughout the entire supply chain, with the streamlined solution, will enormously benefit the company.  

Everyone involved in the project sees the enormous potential offered by implementation of the Transporeon platform. Alongside transport assignment and rate management, time slot, surcharge management and the attachment service are all modules that are part of Transporeon’s offering that will transform the way that Polwax works. Such change, as per historical analysis, will help to drive the company to an improved market position by making logistics operations even more efficient and hence effective. 

Paweł Cuchra, the Head of the Logistics Office at Polwax, said: “It was time for us to take this step and see how organizational change can come from improving our distribution processes. In particular the automated transport assignment “No-touch Order” will help us to instantly assign tasks at the correct freight rates for each carrier. This project is a far-reaching overhaul of how we assign transport and we’re pleased to be partnering with Transporeon for it.”

Piotr Rozycki, Sales Executive at Transporeon stated: “We want to support our customers when it comes to the environmental side of things. Driving forward sustainability is greatly facilitated with many of our solutions; the reduction of the environmental footprint is considerable. It’s a pleasure to be working alongside Polwax to deliver on this front and we are proud to call them our customers”.

The partnership looks set to be yet another great ongoing project for Transporeon while for Polwax it will help increase their business efficiency, enabling them to consolidate and expand upon their role in the paraffin market and with their other products. 

About Polwax

Polwax has been operating since 1999 as a producer and distributor of refined, dehydrated paraffins, waxes and special industrial paraffin compositions.

The company focuses on the production of liquid paraffin masses, emulsions, pastilles, slabs and paraffin granules. They are used in many different industrial sectors, such as: fertilisers, precision casting, wood processing, production of varnishes and paints, rubber, paper and packaging, production of building materials. 

Through consistently high product quality, the use of modern technological processes, adaptation of the offer to customers’ individual needs, as well as top-notch research and development facilities, Polwax has established and cemented its market position.

About Transporeon

At Transporeon, our goal is to bring transportation in sync with the world. Our cloud-based transportation sourcing and management platform powers the most experienced network of shippers, suppliers, retailers, goods recipients, and carriers in the world. Founded in 2000, we help our 1,300+ active global shippers and our 120,000+ carriers transport goods more efficiently and sustainably than ever before. Our team is made up of more than 1000 highly skilled, committed, and creative professionals, sitting in one of our eight office locations. Together we speak 25 different languages, helping us serve our global customers and partners and manage our 20 million annual global transports. In addition to our core Transporeon Execution Solutions, procurement, and market intelligence solutions, we also offer Real-Time visibility with Sixfold and payment services with ControlPay. By combining this deep industry knowledge with technical expertise, we can provide a holistic approach to transport management. This leads to greater transparency, increased efficiency, and improved sustainability — helping us truly become a driving force for good and bringing transportation in sync with the world.

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