2018 Survey from Transporeon Uncovers Carrier Capacity Opportunities

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Philadelphia, PA—March 6, 2018—Transporeon Group Americas, a provider of a cloud-based supply chain execution platform with transportation management, carrier sourcing and dock scheduling, announces the release of its latest survey, “The North American Over-the-Road Transportation Survey: Q1 2018 Capacity & Pricing Update,” which provides a real-world carrier perspective that exposes the issues causing carrier capacity challenges across trucking, logistics, and the supply chain industry today.

"2018 is proving to be as challenging for shippers and carriers as the second half of 2017 since carriers are reporting capacity utilization rates of 95% and higher," said Florian Dussler, managing director and vice president Americas at Transporeon Group. "In 2017, the upcoming ELD mandate, driver shortages, chaotic weather, a strong economy, and increased manufacturing output combined to put the highest demands on capacity in years."

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“The North American Over-the-Road Transportation Survey: Q1 2018 Capacity & Pricing Update" to see how market forces are shaping the trucking businesses and carrier capacity today. Now is the time to take action to combat carrier capacity issues. Businesses need to leverage smart sourcing methods paired with robust execution tools that enable shippers to find and secure capacity while retaining favorable rates and top-performing carriers. Tight carrier capacity, driver shortages, and increased shipping volumes are creating price pressures that are certain to increase rates for some shippers in 2018. Carriers are looking forward to increasing rates and better data from ELDs and other sources that let them invoice for charges, such as unplanned wait times at loading or unloading locations. To battle capacity and price pressures, shippers can judiciously use carrier bid packages that are capable of analyzing beyond rates—including transit times, capacity, and other important factors—to support approaches for more favorable terms on high-volume lanes by employing automated tools to create more strategic, well-executed bids.

The Transporeon Platform Links the Largest Network of Shippers and Carriers

Transporeon is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) based supply chain execution platform that drives efficiencies in transportation and supply chain management. A fully automated shipment execution tool, Transporeon provides functionality for load tendering, transport booking, dock scheduling, track and trace/visibility, mobile POD, and analytics.

The Ticontract Platform Manages Multi-Modal Freight Spend and Carrier Sourcing

Ticontract from the Transporeon Group provides electronic transportation RFP management and supplier sourcing with robust functions for the centralized management of global freight rates, and automated auditing and billing. Shippers benefit from a streamlined, transparent bidding process that makes it easier to communicate with carriers, resulting in time and cost savings.

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