Transporeon Americas chosen as a 2017 Top Logistics IT Provider

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The leading cloud-based transportation and logistics management platform is recognized for a third consecutive year for its ability to create a singular shipper connection to a world of carriers.

FORT WASHINGTON, Pa. — April 20, 2017 — Transporeon Group, the leading global cloud platform for intelligent transport logistics, has been selected as a 2017 Top 100 Logistics IT Provider by Inbound Logistics magazine for the third consecutive year. Chosen by the editors of the first publication to recognize technology’s role in transforming transportation, the award distinguishes providers with proven customer success in solving a variety of transportation, logistics and supply chain challenges.

Transporeon is a complete end-to-end transportation platform with solutions across the logistics lifecycle. By creating a singular shipper connection to a world of carriers, the Transporeon platform was chosen for its ability to automate processes and drive efficiencies to lower costs and increase productivity for both shippers and their transportation providers.

“Historically, there was a lot of focus around TMS’ functionality for the individual shipper. Along the way, the connectivity portion, or how you ‘integrate’ with trading partners and carriers, was neglected,” says Ed Moran, Managing Director and Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing of Transporeon Group Americas. “Transporeon has created an advantage for many of the world’s leading manufacturers by understanding how those companies are currently using their existing technologies, then leveraging those systems to connect with trading partners and carriers to accelerate or enable operational efficiencies. We are honored that an industry authority like Inbound Logistics recognizes Transporeon for building value through networked transportation management from procurement to payment.”

“There is an emerging need for shippers to access more real-time shipment information and cut down on the manual nature of keeping in touch with carriers and logistics providers,” says Felecia Stratton, Editor, Inbound Logistics. “Seamless network connectivity has become a critical—and often overlooked—success factor in transportation sourcing, tracking and execution, and is one of the reasons we selected Transporeon again this year.”

Every April, Inbound Logistics editors recognize 100 logistics IT companies that support and enable logistics excellence. Drawn from a pool of more than 300 companies, using questionnaires, personal interviews, and other research, Inbound Logistics selects the Top 100 Logistics IT Providers who are leading the way in 2017. Editors seek to match readers' fast-changing needs to the capabilities of those companies selected. All companies selected reflect leadership by answering Inbound Logistics readers' needs for scalability, simplicity, fast ROI, and ease of implementation.

By connecting shippers and carriers through a collaborative, real-time network, Transporeon links today’s largest global network of shippers, carriers and users in more than 100 countries with singular web plug simplicity. For more information on how Transporeon Group can create advantages for your organization, please visit

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