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Mercareon optimizes retail flows

Plan better, work more productively and know more with Mercareon

The European leader in Time Slot Management for Retail, Mercareon was specially developed for delivery to grocery retail warehouses and distribution centers. Additional cloud-based solutions for processes prior to or after goods receipt are also available, including effective Yard Management and Reporting for evaluation of key KPIs. Mercareon solutions ensure better information flow and more transparency between you, your suppliers and your carriers. Increased predictability makes planning easier, reduces wait and processing times, boosts productivity at loading docks and smooths out peak times to save retailers and carriers significant time and money.

Mercareon optimizes the inbound goods process in the retail sector. The platform’s sophisticated digital services ensure the exchange of logistics information between retailers and inbound carriers in order to balance peaks and troughs, and reduce waiting times.

Mercareon facts & figures

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> 40 retail customers

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> 400 connected commercial centers in 17 countries

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> 120,000 carriers

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> 5,000 suppliers

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Ticontract - e-sourcing made easy!

Our leading cloud platform for electronic freight procurement is a strategic tool for purchasing transportation services and helping shippers optimize their freight cost management processes.

More on Ticontract

>8,500 logistics RFQs per year
>5 million vehicles on our platforms
Qualified service provider profiles from 100+ countries

Market Intelligence with Tim Consult

Tim Consult is an international consulting company and a leading provider of benchmarking and market intelligence for all transportation modes. The data specialist develops solutions for efficient freight purchasing, intelligent transportation management, optimized value-added networks and innovative big-data applications.


> 1,700 successful projects
Customers: Almost all DAX 30 companies + half of the Fortune 100 industrial companies
A total €20+ billion analyzed freight costs per year

Transporeon digitizes your transport logistics

Transporeon links carriers, retailers, industrial shipping companies and your customers through the world’s largest cooperative network for transport logistics. Our logistics platforms allow you to benchmark freight rates, request bids on shipments and assign them to carriers, manage time slots and track deliveries in real time.


> 1,300 connected shippers
> 120,000 carriers on the platform
~ 20 billion of freight volume


Mercareon for Retail

Here’s what our retail customers have to say

This partnership will allow us to improve the efficiency and productivity of our distribution network. Providing clear, accurate and reliable information will ensure that our products reach our stores and customers in the most efficient way.”

Head of Primary Distribution UK at Tesco PLC.

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We know exactly what’s happening on our loading docks... We now have excellent wait times of markedly below 20 minutes at two storage sites.”

Director of IT/Logistics, Edeka Rhine-Ruhr

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Our goal is to collect and store goods as quickly as possible in order to further optimize the utilization of incoming goods resources. At Mercareon, we have found convincing functions that avoid capacity gaps and make the progress of the truck unloading process traceable in real time.”

Warehouse manager

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