Transporeon is the Transportation Management Platform that empowers shippers, forwarders, carriers and retailers to move, manage and monitor freight in a world in motion.


Transportation Management Platform

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Transportation Management Platform

Collaborate: one connected information flow

Collaborate: one connected information flow
Moving freight is a collaborative effort. Transporeon's platform is designed to connect all partners and enable seamless real-time information sharing. We represent a true shift from the concept of connectivity, to fully realised interoperability. No more copying from one system to the other.

Transportation Management Platform

Automate: putting data to work

Automate: putting data to work
Tap into valuable data streams and automate your workflows. Transporeon's platform uses AI and machine learning to improve the accuracy and efficiency of complex logistics, enabling your people to focus on what people do best: service and strategy.

Transportation Management Platform

Real Time Insights: information at the speed of business

Real Time Insights: information at the speed of business
Give your logistics team the insights they need to make timely and informed decisions throughout the whole process of managing transportation logistics. 

Transportation Management Platform

Pick the applications you need

Pick the applications you need
The world evolves, companies change, and so do the needs of your logistics organisation. Transporeon's platform allows shippers, carriers, forwarders and everyone involved in moving freight to build their own toolset and solve their current and future challenges.
What’s under the hood?

A unique network

Welcome to the most comprehensive digital logistics network. A trusted environment, with more than 1400 connected shippers, 158 000 carriers, and over 100+ retailers. Every day, our customers rely on this high density network to move, manage and monitor their freight in the most efficient way possible.

Uniquely Transporeon:

  • our network is multimodal;
  • our network is multipurpose;
  • our network serves the entire industry: shippers, carriers, retailers and goods recipients.
What’s under the hood?

Real time applications

Our range of modular applications covers the whole transportation management process, from sourcing, execution, monitoring to settlement. Choose the applications most relevant to your unique business challenges and benefit from seamless integration.

What’s under the hood?


All of this is built on one highly scalable, reliable, and secure cloud platform capable of serving the entire logistics ecosystem. Our cutting-edge technology allows us to innovate at pace and offer a seamless experience for our customers and partners.

Together with our partners, we are transforming the way companies move, manage and monitor freight globally. 

Roambee and Transporeon joining forces denotes unified access to two major and unique global supply chain visibility platforms for customers across industries. Roambee’s sensor-driven visibility will enrich Transporeon's telematics data with multimodal location accuracy and offer condition visibility, so customers can more actionably address supply chain risk around spoilage, damage, theft, missed connections, and more.

Sanjay Sharma,
Chief Executive Officer, Roambee

Combining all aspects of real-time shipment data, customers everywhere get true real-time information on what is happening with their shipments. We are excited for Transporeon to join this powerful partnership to help make global supply chains more efficient.

Krenar Komoni, 
Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Tive

Through this important new partnership, we’re simplifying mobility for Transporeon customers across Europe. UTA Edenred and Transporeon share a number of synergies. Notably, UTA Edenred is creating an all-new digital platform to meet customers’ mobility needs into the future, while Transporeon has a successful digital business model. By combining UTA Edenred products with Transporeon services, we’re providing richer and more efficient mobility experiences for customers.

Carsten Bettermann, CEO,
UTA Edenred

Transporeon is the ideal partner to make the benefits of our tool available to a broader number of logistics professionals. We are thrilled to work with such a strong partner and become an integral part of the functionalities offered by the Transporeon Network.

Hendrik Rosenboom, 
Chief Executive Officer, ZeKju

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Customers that trust us

Allocating our ADHOC transports via the Transporeon platform saves us time and money. The new automation tool relieves our dispatching enormously. We are glad that we have found such a reliable and competent partner in Transporeon.

Alfred Stricker, Advisor / Referent Road Feeder Service
Lufthansa Cargo

With transport assignment from Transporeon, we and our carriers save time and money. This is great: with Transporeon everyone wins.

Kurt Münk
Head of Freight Management, Knauf

We wanted to have a structured, competitive and fast online tool for benchmarking and scouting and this wish has been satisfied by Transporeon Freight Procurement.

Valentino Soldan
Head of Logistic, Benetton Group 

We really value the insights given into the current shipping environment and future outlook, and also because they allow us to compare our own sentiment on market direction with the other community members in an anonymous way. This helps us take strategic procurement decisions.

Sander Kerkhoff
Team Leader Global Standard Costing, Bacardi Martini

Now we have way more control over our transports – we know our orders are being placed with the right carriers, we’re cutting our CO2 emissions, and we’re achieving new levels of operational efficiency at our sites.

Frank van Herk,

Logistics Manager, Griffith Foods

Transporeon Visibility Hub is the perfect match to achieve our goal of a fully transparent process from order to delivery.

Brian Moran

Logistics Manager UK, Knauf UK

Transporeon's truck border crossing times map is used by thousands of professionals in the industry. I am sure it will help create the necessary visibility, drive better operational decisions and contribute to addressing congestions. All this is required to ensure product availability on the shelf despite the challenges of COVID-19.

Sergiy Yablonskiy

Senior Product Manager for Transportation, Nestlé

Transporeon’s Dynamic time slots project will enable us to make full use of all real-time data. A dedicated algorithm is able to automatically check and detect deliveries with a delayed estimated time of arrival (ETA) and switch booked time slots with trucks which are already on site. This dynamic adaptation will allow us to utilize the available resources within the plants in the best possible way.

Martin Kieselhofer

Tga Verladeplanung, Rockwool

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