Transporeon expands its carrier offering by acquiring Nexogen, adding AI based fleet optimization to its platform services

With up to 30% inefficiencies in European road transport, driver shortages, and increasing sustainability targets, carriers and shippers need to work more efficiently, by reducing both empty runs and unprofitable waiting times.  

Nexogen helps carriers and asset owners improve utilization by optimizing matches between orders and trucks, drivers and itineraries. This way, Nexogen reduces overall freight transportation costs, empty runs and waiting times.

Customer Benefits: 

Already today, Transporeon offers comprehensive carrier services ranging from Market Intelligence, RTV on Ocean, Air and Road-transport, to autonomous freight procurement and document management. With the acquisition of Nexogen, the company enlarges its carrier service portfolio even further by introducing the AI Planner and the Fleet Operator.  

  • The Nexogen AI planner connects to existing Transport Management Systems (TMS) and supports optimal asset utilization by matching orders to trucks and drivers based on data. The AI planner’s engine plans ahead, also taking into account spot market data to ensure the highest level of fleet utilization.

  • The Nexogen Fleet Operator helps to manage fleets more efficiently based on telematics and real-time insights. Offering a most efficient itinerary planning tool, it also provides dispatchers with real-time insights on shipment execution. The Fleet Operator uses its access to primary data sets, such as remaining hours of service and fuel consumption, to calculate tunnel, ferry, parking and gas station route planning as well as accurate ETAs (estimated time of arrival) – always in compliance with EU regulations.  

Nexogen carriers will be able to receive spot transport offers directly from Transporeon, thereby obtaining access to additional loads. In addition, they will profit from the option to find subcontractors for non-matching shipments on the Transporeon platform.  

Customers already using Nexogen

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