Take control of freight rates with Rate Management

Our logistics platform’s freight Rate Management  system gets your freight rates sorted out, no matter how many transport data sets and logistics contracts you manage worldwide. Rate Management facilitates easy access to information, centralized data handling and transparency. It is used to process complex pricing plans, surcharges and alternative shipping options quickly and easily. Whether you work in sales, logistics or billing, everyone accesses the same data.

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Benefits of centralized Rate Management

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All freight rates and freight contracts in one centralized database

Centralized storage of all freight contracts and documents per carrier and freight contract. Quick access to standardized information. 

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Information on contracts and expiring freight rates

Overview of current and expiring logistics contracts and associated freight rates. 

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Fully integrated process between freight contract and transport order

Centralized interfaces and import/export functions. Manual queries or fully automated integration into your system and process environment.

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Adherence to your compliance guidelines

Improved IT security thanks to revision management and access permissions.

Simple freight rate management. This is how it works

Central data hub

All data stored in one database. Uncomplicated management of freight contracts, rates and surcharges. Simple freight cost calculation.

Simple document handling

Simple import and export of Excel and CSV files, smart spreadsheet formatting.

Comprehensive revision management

Control and traceability of changes in rates and structures.

Managing multiple currencies

Storage and conversion into any desired currency, including exchange rates.

Multiple languages

Available in 26 languages.

Single sign-on

Access to all our systems without the need to use several user names and passwords.

Professionalize your rate management

Our experts are looking forward to giving you advice

Numerous challenges face logistics professionals planning to establish an efficient method of managing freight rates, freight contract terms and surcharges. Manual queries must be just as possible as automated processes. Our logistics experts will help you professionalize your freight rate management.

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Master challenges in Rate Management with us!

  • Differing levels of knowledge and information requirements

  • Access management and authorization

  • Data quality and currency


Complex information must be processed in a way that allows it to be comprehensible to users with varying levels of knowledge and information requirements, for example, employees in sales, accounting, procurement or logistics.

Authorized users should be able to access centralized rate information around the world, regardless of location or department.

Different data for each location and relation must be kept up to date and made available in a correct and comprehensible format.


Efficiently managing a multitude of freight rates 

Testimonials from our customers on Rate Management

Rate Management is the perfect solution for all companies using and managing a great number of freight rates.

Head of Purchasing

Chemical company

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For one thing, we have achieved significant savings in our freight volume. The other thing is that we were able to increase productivity greatly and to speed up and improve communication with our partners.

Ralf Hammer

Global Transport Planning und Global Logistics Manager at Lenzing

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