Trust the Network: Industry Leader Talks

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What are the three biggest challenges in the transport industry today? 

Our latest report  polled 300 transport professionals to find out, and highlighted the main problems and desired outcomes in the logistics sector.

To go further, listen to industry analyst Adrian Gonzalez and Transporeon CEO Stephan Sieber as they reflect back on the key lessons of 2020 and discuss the benefits of network effects throughout the supply chains. 


I think it’s almost fair to say that, to some extent, we were wrong when we said that it’s a [supply] chain, because it should be a network."

Stephan Sieber

Chief Executive Officer, Transporeon

Together, Adrian and Stephan explored the questions:

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What is the effect of waste and inefficiency in logistics today?

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What do shippers and carriers most hope to accomplish moving forward? 

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What is the power of the network and why should we care?

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What technology is available to help us reach our goals? 

Even thought platforms such as Transporeon have been around for a while already, I really think that the best is yet to come. Because a lot of companies are just now starting to recognize or understand what we mean when we talk about the Network Effect."

Adrian Gonzalez

Industry Analyst and Founder of Talking Logistics

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