The Road Towards a Greener Future

Together we can make sustainable transport a reality.

Our industry and our planet depends on the action we take now to live and work in a more sustainable way. The good news is, we’re already proving how possible it is to improve efficiency of transport operations in ways that directly contribute to lowering CO2 emissions.

Watch the interview of Transporeon CEO Stephan Sieber during FreightWaves' Net Zero Carbon Summit

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The Road to Net Zero

Strategies, concepts and best practices for Supply Chain Sustainability.

This in-depth report is the result of expert interviews with supply chain leaders who share their outlook on how we can meet the EU’s 2050 goal as well as focus on immediate steps for today and tomorrow. 

As representatives of this industry, we have a responsibility to work together to develop and apply new approaches and technologies to get as close as possible to the EU’s emission reduction targets.

— Professor Alan McKinnon, Kühne Logistics University

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Check out the highlights from our recent Logistics Sustainability Month and hop on board – there’s only one road to the future, and it’s green.  


Decarbonization for European Road Carriers

A greener future awaits — and carriers are the key. Experts from Kühne Logistics University, Smart Freight Center and Girteka Logistics joined us for a special webinar in which we explored the challenges and opportunities for carriers as they innovate and evolve to meet the sustainability challenge head on. 

The beauty is that all these things are additive. If you combine all of these, you chip away a few percent savings in fuel and CO2 and in the end, you can achieve a large reduction overall in carbon emissions… and empty running!

—  Alan McKinnon, Professor of Logistics, Kühne Logistics University

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Reducing CO2 Emissions

Heavy-duty vehicles are responsible for nearly 20% of greenhouse gas emissions from transport in the EU. That’s why it’s so important to make — and maintain — sustainability as a focus for every logistics organization.

Industry leaders recently came together to share best practice and recommendations to decarbonize logistics and move the industry toward a greener future.

We do need to optimize and use the solutions that we have today. But that doesn’t mean we are not fully invested in the net zero solutions. And I think we need to continue to have that demand signal paired with good policies to make sure we get there faster.

—  Angie Farrag-Thibault, Project Lead Clean Trucking, World Economic Forum

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Greener Supply Chain with Smart Optimization & Execution

Transporeon and ORTEC joined forces to create a solution on route and load optimization combined with carrier connectivity. Watch the roundtable discussion for:

  • A deep dive into smart optimization and topics including empty miles & optimized load building, waiting times, horizontal collaboration and real-time visibility
  • Thought-provoking commentary on how you can make your supply chain greener
  • A shortlist of different ways to achieve #netzero in logistics

If we bring the industry on to platforms and make our loadings more transparent, then there will automatically emerge opportunities to load on a half-full truck or to reduce some mileages.

—  Wolfgang Lehmacher, Supply Chain and Technology Strategist

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Nutreco and Transporeon join forces to run sustainable logistics

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Behind the Mask - Green Edition

Our podcast on the true stories behind logistics challenges continues with a special focus on sustainability. 

Catch our most recent conversations on how each of us as individuals and logistics professionals can reroute towards a greener future, plus the power of technology and collective action in creating impact on a massive scale. 

Featured topics include:

Making Food More Sustainable with Daniel Anthes
The Road to Net Zero with Fernando Liesa and Moritz Petersen
The Unseen Plastic with LAM'ON
People & Planet with ALICE and L’Oréal
One Small Change with Park Your Truck


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Eco Performance Award

Find out who won this year’s prestigious Eco Performance Award, recognizing companies that show true innovation in the area of sustainable road freight transport.




Designed to foster innovative thinking in the field of sustainability development, March marked the start of the Transporeon4Future Hackathon, supporting the ALICE (Alliance for Logistics Innovation through Collaboration in Europe) roadmap for decarbonization. Teams of students, Transporeon employees and customers are already busy developing sustainable solutions in supply chain technology in response to major industry challenges.

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