European Road Transport

> €100 Million


How TRADE TRANS managed efficient subcarrier onboarding and lowered check calls by 60%


TRADE TRANS COMBI is part of the Trade Trans Holding and has over 20 years of experience in providing freight services of road, rail, sea and air forwarding and warehouse logistics for both domestic and international markets. The Group has 100 employees across eight locations in Poland and has offices in Romania, Czech Republic and Slovenia. It generates a turnover of over €100 million.

TRADE TRANS COMBI regularly cooperates with partners from the steel, paper, chemical, food and feed, and white goods industries. Its main service is road transport throughout Europe which is supported by its own trucks and container fleet. In 2019, TRADE TRANS COMBI arranged over 60,500 full truck loads.


  • TRADE TRANS COMBI understands that timely collections and deliveries are crucial for clients and found that clients expect updates on delivery times and would benefit further from frequent reports
  • Time was spent on manual processes, such as check calls, and it was tedious to manually track down coordination and data input from subcontractors
  • TRADE TRANS COMBI did not have as much access to visibility data at each stage of the shipment as it would have liked

We have onboarded more than 120 subcarriers in less than 4 months. It was not always easy but it was paying off. By integrating Transporeon and the Sixfold platform we were able to reduce 60 per cent of our check calls. Adopting real-time visibility also allowed us to reduce our dwell and waiting times by 10 per cent. Such savings make the world of a difference to our operations as it means we can focus on bettering our service and improving the customer experience, leading to business growth.”

Małgorzata Szcześniak, Sales Representative
Trade Trans Combi Sp. z o.o., Warsaw


TRADE TRANS COMBI wanted to utilise the integrated services of Transporeon and Sixfold to harness the power of real-time visibility. The solution allows TRADE TRANS COMBI:

  • To harness GPS data information from operators to create an active road map and track transports in real-time, giving TRADE TRANS COMBI increased tracking coverage throughout its entire network, greatly benefiting all parties
  • To track all shipments, from loading to delivery, and share this information with the customer via a single easy-to-use platform and portal (that is fully secure and GDPR-compliant), resulting in one customer and user experience. Users can also assign transports and book slots using the portal 
  • To automate the check call process and reduce the need for manual work, saving time and making operations more efficient for both the operator and end customer, improving overall customer satisfaction


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Process Optimisation

Improved operations for clients and their customers: more than 60 per cent reduction in check calls, around five per cent KPI increase in on-time delivery (OTD) on average (depending on the client) and around ten per cent reduction in dwell and waiting times

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Fast and easy onboarding

Fast integration via a single fully-automated customer onboarding processes, allowing the customer to go live within minutes

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Better information flow

Client satisfaction and improved trust – TRADE TRANS COMBI and its customers have benefited from better information flow and improved efficiency as each party has access to real-time data and can track individual shipments

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Successful sub-contractor management

Over 120 subcontractors, who are the regular partners, were successfully onboarded within four months, even during COVID-19 and restrictions