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Tank terminal provider

Better truck visibility and control


Operating a global network of bulk liquid and gas storage terminals in strategic marine locations, this company is one of the three biggest independent tank terminal providers in the world. It owns and runs specialized facilities and provides optimal access to road and rail networks. Typically the company stores customer products for extended periods at its terminals and, when required, blends component liquids to customer specifications. Stored products range from oil, chemicals, gases and LNG to biofuels and vegoils. Every day, hundreds of trucks require access to the company’s terminal sites around the world to unload and load various products.

Because we were being excluded from supply chain communication, we had very poor visibility of incoming trucks. This meant we were unable to plan ahead and, worse still, we were not able to provide adequate resource allocation and security. We knew we needed a new way to control truck arrivals and departures at our sites. 

Head of Logistics 
Independent tank terminal provider


  • Trucks arriving without warning at three sites
  • Communication was only between shipper, carrier and driver
  • Tank terminal provider was entirely excluded
  • Very poor visibility of incoming trucks
  • Difficult to provide prompt, professional services when trucks arrive
  • Unable to plan ahead and ensure adequate resource allocation and security


To achieve better truck visibility and control, the company implemented Transporeon Time Slot Management:

  • Customized system to meet specific needs
  • Closely aligned with existing systems and workflows
  • Enables direct communication with supply chain partners
  • Online schedule for drivers, carriers, and 3PLs to book preferred time slots and enter all required details
  • Automatic optimization of resource utilization, loading sequences, tank cleaning, quality checks, and more
  • At-a-glance information in a dashboard display


active participation

Instead of passively waiting for bulk liquid shipments to arrive and leave, the company is now an active participant in the supply chain

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early cooperation

Within the first week of implementation, 75-90% of all trucks at the first pilot site were using time slot bookings – this was well in excess of the 50-60% goal

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better process

The company can control and manage onsite activities, and easily define bulk liquid loading capacities, with full process visibility, less onsite congestion, and better, safer processes

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proactive conflict management

When a vessel and a truck request simultaneous loading – an impossible task – alerts enable optimal problem resolution between supply chain partners