£1.48 BILLION (2017)

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More loading capacity and reduced demurrage costs


Synthomer is one of the world's leading manufacturers of synthetic latex and specialty chemicals with 25 sites in 18 countries and customers in the construction products, paints and coatings, protective gloves, adhesives, paper, carpet and textile industries. The company currently has 2,800 employees.
Corporate headquarters are located in London, UK. Marketing and sales activities for important global business units are managed from Marl, Germany. This location also operates ten production sites in Europe. In the Marl Chemical Park, the company operates three of 19 production plants worldwide. Depending on the plant, between 15 and 60 transports are handled daily. Trucks arrive at the largest plant in Marl around the clock, six days a week.

With Transporeon's Time Slot Management, we handle 10% more trucks, which means loading capacity keeps pace with productivity again. High demurrage surcharges have been halved by adhering to loading times. We have been able to increase delivery performance and customer satisfaction.

Heinrich Wessel , Director Customer Service & Logistics 


  • Cooperation with specialized carriers. Limited availability of loading areas and flexitanks for transporting latex. Long loading times caused by complex tank filling and cleaning. Surcharges represent 25% of total transportation cost.
  • Loading capacities lag behind productivity increases at the plants. Pre-loading concepts (intermediate storage in box containers) increase the need for coordination, add cost, and reduce process transparency.
  • Standing/loading times of up to 4 hours, with congestion in loading areas at peak times. Suboptimal work streams for the loading teams.
  • Transport allocation by email and confirmations transferred manually into SAP. This takes up a lot of employee time in customer service and the supply chain.
  • Hardly any information on delivery performance. Customer satisfaction is reduced by delivery bottlenecks and delays due to limited loading capacity. Carriers complain about long loading times.


  • Ongoing connection to Transporeon platform: Central Customer Service and Supply Chain Marl, Germany as well as a total of 10 European production sites.
  • Transport assignment via 'no-touch order': Automatic allocation/confirmation of transport orders on the basis of agreed freight rates.
  • Transporeon Time Slot Management: Shipping companies book time slots and confirm delivery directly within the system.
  • 2019 expansion to surcharge management: Automated management of surcharges (e.g. for subsequent invoice verification)
  • Standardized reports: On delivery performance, for example; provides objective basis for performance discussions with carriers.


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lower costs

Shorter waiting and loading times, cutting demurrage surcharges by up to 50%

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high costumer satisfaction

Now able to implement OTIF delivery; self-collectors/carriers appreciate punctual loading

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loading capacity optimized

Can handle +10% trucks at existing loading areas, reducing congestion and improving productivity at plants

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less time and complexity

Automated processes reduce the need for coordination and simplify communication