Temperature-controlled goods

348,000 transports per year

STI Freight Management

Introducing geofence accuracy and reliable ETA calculation


Around 348,000 transports over land, 12,000 transports by sea and air and 33,000 customs clearances per year – that’s the best way to describe STI Freight Management. Behind these facts stands one of the leading contract logistics providers for temperature-controlled goods in Europe. With its headquarters in Duisburg, STI Freight Management has specialised in the planning and delivery of complex transport and logistics projects since 1983 and employs 260 employees at 13 locations. In addition to the international transport of foods and other temperature-controlled goods, such as high-quality pharmaceuticals, the company is well-versed in the supply of cruise ships, warehousing and customs declarations.

Adoption and onboarding was the fastest compared to other vendors, Transporeon and Sixfold were the first to fulfill 100 per cent of our needs and requirements during the pilot. Using real-time visibility is crucial in our digital transformation journey to becoming a digital freight forwarder. The technology enables us to offer customers full transparency from start to finish and go that extra mile to deliver seamless, high quality and reliable transport solutions. We were also impressed with how high-level the technical part of the platform is, particularly the AI capabilities and machine learning aspect. Likewise, reducing emissions is just one of the many other useful add-ons of investing in real-time visibility technology.”

Sidney Podday, Market Technology Manager


  • Temperature-controlled logistics is a unique service and it is imperative that products arrive at their destination at the right temperature and in a timely manner with any delays or issues resolved immediately.
  • In addition to various digital and automated tools – like temperature monitoring, door lock systems and several independent track and tracing options – STI wanted to incorporate more data exchange and improve connectivity to enhance operational efficiency
  • Huge manual efforts, like check-up calls to loading or off-loading places to collate tracking information and providing status reports along the supply chain, were part of the day-to-day work routines
  • Finding the right real-time visibility partner: The team behind STI Freight Management is always leading and honouring its philosophy to take quality the extra mile to ensure it is constantly achieving the highest customer satisfaction. Therefore, it needed to find a provider that could successfully support STI on its digital journey to help transform the business to a global and digital integrated freight forwarder.


STI wanted to improve communication through end-to-end visibility for all stakeholders and minimise the manual efforts during planning processes. Therefore, STI selected Sixfold as it’s real-time visibility partner to help achieve this and enhance the overall customer experience. The solution included

  • Access to real-time information about STI’s transports via the user-oriented platform which collates all data in one place. All data distributed on the platform is fully secure and GDPR-compliant
  • Ability to provide customers with direct links to access an easy-to-use customer portal, creating one customer and user experience to ensure full visibility of operations for all parties and easy, direct communication
  • Increased network tracking coverage and automated report functions, reducing the need for manual labour on both sides. Access to live locations of shipments takes the pressure of the client and allows them to focus on managing their distribution centres operations accordingly, such as enabling more efficient allocation of time slot bookings
  • Access to the largest visibility-enabled network created by Transporeon and Sixfold


Following a six-month pilot with Sixfold, STI was able to see tangible results that it was pleased with and decided to enter into a long-term partnership with Sixfold. STI was able to improve its internal work procedures further, resulting in higher customer satisfaction. During the pilot, Sixfold stood out for:

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Fast adoption and onboarding

The more carriers that are onboarded, the higher the carrier pool and coverage on subcontractors, as well as more end-to-end visibility opportunities as the same technology is being utilised.

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ETA calculations

Ability provide more accurate ETA calculations than its competitors and was, on average, 12.5 percentage points more precise than the others

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AI and machine learning

Leading in the use of AI and machine learning – Sixfold uses the AI Masterdata approach, which leads to the highest Geofence accuracy in the field. This is mandatory for a reliable ETA calculation and allows deeper analysis for Micro-Geofence related KPI’s like waiting or loading times