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Smurfit Kappa

Less congestion and more clarity at the loading bay


Delivering excellence in paper packing solutions, Smurfit Kappa has 370 facilities around the globe, employs some 45,000 people, and serves markets in 34 countries. The company manufactures paper-based packaging and – with a strong commitment to modern sustainable production – sources most of its raw materials from its own paper mills. Global headquarters are in Dublin, Ireland, and regional headquarters in Paris and Miami. At its Hoya plant in northern Germany, Smurfit Kappa manufacturers 85,000 tons of folding boxboard and 340,000 tons of corrugated board from recycled paper each year.

We now know in advance when each truck is going to arrive. That’s a huge advantage for us because it means we have clarity about when raw materials will be delivered and goods dispatched.

Volker Wollschläger, Logistics Manager
Smurfit Kappa


Smurfit Kappa had an ambitious expansion plan to increase annual production of paper-based packaging to over 500,000 tons at its Hoya plant in Germany. But the company needed to address several logistics challenges which would be made worse by increased production:

  • Considerable on-site congestion, particularly at peak times between 11am and 2pm
  • This impacted truck waiting times both for delivery and dispatch
  • It also compromised on-site safety: truck drivers were spending long waiting times chatting to each other – as many as 20 people could be in the vicinity of the loading bays, increasing H&S risks


  • Seeking a digital solution at the Hoya plant, the company looked for a partner with proven expertise in the paper and packaging industry
  • Smurfit Kappa selected Transporeon Time Slot Management allowing carriers to book a 30-minute digital time slot at the loading/unloading ramp
  • A Transporeon traffic management system issues text messages to truck drivers, directing them to the correct loading bay and minimizing distances between trucks and the warehouse


faster loading/unloading

Pre-booking, pre-picking, and optimized processes cut typical loading/ unloading time to just 17 minutes

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ease of use

The solution is “easy to use and helps us improve our processes”; it smoothly accommodates occasional late-arriving trucks, and there is high acceptance among carriers

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high punctuality

70% of vehicles arrive on time or early; truck turnaround is down to 52 minutes (from 120 minutes)

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reduced congestion

The number of trucks on site is down to just 4 or 5 (from 20) and there’s no time for drivers to stop and chat